10 Things a Smartwatch Can Do Without A Phone

10 things a smartwatch can do without a phone
Written by Robin Okwanma

A smartwatch is a wearable computing device that mimics a wristwatch. They have advanced significantly over the past ten years, and what was once a novelty tech device with few functionalities is now the closest thing to a stand-alone product they have ever been.

Smartwatches often run on Android or iOS operating systems and have fewer features than their larger equivalents. But what if you didn’t need to use your phone at all? What could a wristwatch accomplish on its own?

We’ll discuss 10 amazing things a smartwatch can do without a phone in this article.

What Is A Smartwatch?

A smartwatch is a wearable computing gadget that resembles a conventional timepiece. In addition to having a touchscreen that can be interactive, smartwatches often contain a color display.

In contrast to their bigger equivalents, such as smartphones, they frequently run on the Android or iOS operating systems and have fewer features.


How Does A Smartwatch Work Without A Phone?

Can You Use a Smartwatch Without a Phone?

Many people would assume that since the smartwatch can function even without a phone, it has an extra sim card. Truth be told, it doesn’t—at least not in the physical sense.

The so-called “e-sims,” which are essentially virtual replicas of the GSM cards we keep in our mobile phones, are used by all smartwatches with cellular functionality. Contrary to popular perception, these smartwatches share a phone number with the smartphone they are initially paired with rather than having their number.

Additionally, even while disconnected from a phone, a smartwatch can continue to carry out basic tasks like showing the time and date, keeping track of steps and calories burnt, and keeping an eye on sleep patterns.

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Benefits Of Using A Smartwatch Without A Phone

Using a smartwatch without a phone has a variety of advantages. First off, by carrying out actions that would normally drain the power from your phone, such as checking the time or keeping track of your steps, you may conserve battery life.

An additional benefit of a smartwatch is that it may give you notifications and basic information without requiring you to continuously take out your phone. Last but not least, even if you misplace your phone, you can still use a smartwatch to do simple tasks like checking the time or logging steps.

Limitations Of Using A Smartwatch Without A Phone

The use of a smartwatch without a phone has several restrictions. First off, when disconnected from a phone, a smartwatch often only has a few functions available. You might not be able to use every app or feature on your wristwatch, for instance.

Additionally, without a phone, a smartwatch could only be able to save a small quantity of information, such as your step count or sleeping patterns. Finally, if your smartwatch is not connected to your phone, it might not be able to receive notifications from your phone.

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10 Amazing Things A Smartwatch Can Do Without A Phone

Here are some amazing things a smartwatch can do without a phone:

1. Make and receive calls

One of the amazing things a smartwatch can do without a phone is to receive calls. You must have the number saved to your watch to make a call on a smartwatch without a phone. The call can then be made by dialing the number as you would an ordinary phone.

You’ll need to pair your smartwatch and phone to receive calls on the smartwatch without a phone. Once synced, whenever your phone rings, your watch will ring. When the call comes in, you can answer it and conduct your conversation as normal.

A cellular network can also be accessed by your smartwatch thanks to micro-SIM technology. It won’t be available on every watch, but on those that do, it will be a tiny slot on the side of the device that will only accept this particular SIM type. Usually, you’ll also need to add your smartwatch to your cellular plan.


2. Send and receive text messages

The second on this list of amazing things a smartwatch can do without a phone is sending and receiving texts. While a smartwatch usually works in conjunction with a smartphone, it can also function independently. A smartwatch can still send and receive text messages even while disconnected from a phone.

You must save the number on your watch to send a text message on a smartwatch without a phone. The same as on a standard phone, you can then type and send a message.

You need to have your smartwatch synced with your phone to receive text messages on it without a phone. When you get a text message, your watch will be notified once it has been linked. After that, you can view the message and respond as you normally would on a phone.

3. Track your fitness

An excellent tool for tracking your fitness is a smartwatch. A smartwatch can still count your steps, distance traveled, and calories burned even when it is not paired with a phone. Additionally, even when not connected to a phone, some smartwatches can detect your heart rate.

4. Get directions and find your way

Another good thing your smartwatch can do without a phone is to help you find your way. Your smartwatch can help you find safety if you ever feel lost. You may simply acquire turn-by-turn directions to your destination using technologies like GPS and built-in maps. Additionally, if your smartwatch is LTE-connected, you can carry out this action without using your phone.

5. Check the weather

With a smartwatch, you’ll always be ready for whatever your day has in store. To find out the weather, simply check the weather app on your watch. You’ll always get precise, real-time info because many smartwatches can track your location.

6. Noise detection

Your smartwatch can detect how noisy your surroundings are using the Noise app. If the noise level in your area is dangerous for your hearing, the app will alert you.

Noise uses the built-in microphone on your smartwatch and doesn’t need an internet connection or a nearby phone to function.

7. Control your music playback

Some music can help you feel more energized if you ever feel down. Furthermore, you can manage your music playback on a smartwatch without ever pulling your phone out of your pocket. To play your favorite tunes, just locate the music app on your watch.

8. Stay connected with notifications

Staying connected to your phone is an amazing thing your smartwatch can do without a phone close by. You may receive notifications for incoming calls, text messages, and more by simply pairing your watch with your phone. And if you have a smartwatch with LTE connectivity, you can even maintain connectivity when you are not near your phone.

9. Take photos and videos

The ability to shoot pictures and movies without having to take out your phone is one of the most useful features of a smartwatch. This is ideal for quickly documenting moments when you want to make sure you get a picture of something important.

10. Access apps

Although a smartwatch often offers fewer apps than a smartphone, you can still use some of your favorite apps without it. This covers programs like weather, maps, music, and other things. Additionally, if your smartwatch is LTE-connected, you can access apps even when you are not near your phone.

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There are so many amazing things a smartwatch can do a lot without a phone. It can play music, operate other home appliances (like your TV), track fitness and activity, keep an eye on heart rate and sleep, and do so much more.

It’s understandable why smartwatches are becoming more and more popular given all of these features and functionalities. So, if you’re thinking about getting a smartwatch, don’t let the fact that it requires a phone stop you.


Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Does a smartwatch without a phone require a data plan?

How you access the internet will determine the answer. You do not require a data plan to access the internet if you use a smartphone or wifi network. However, you might want to think about getting a data package if you use a SIM card and want to leave your smartphone at home.

Can my smartwatch be hacked?

Despite the little likelihood of getting hacked, prevention is always preferable to treatment. Therefore, because the brands do their part to protect you, you must take precautions on your end to avoid becoming a victim:

  • You must keep your smartphone updated with the safest and newest operating system.
  • Don’t grant allow-permissions to applications you don’t fully trust.
  • Before discarding the device, clean it up by resetting it to factory defaults.

Do These Watches Support All Smartphones?

They unfortunately don’t.

It will depend on the sort of smartphone you have, especially the operating system it uses and if you can utilize the cellular capability. For instance, to activate and then use the cellular capability in Apple Watches, you must need an iPhone.

Are Standalone Smartwatches Expensive?

Smartwatches with solo functionality are almost always more expensive than those with standard Bluetooth/GPS functionality.


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