Beautiful lady flaunts 2023 Range Rover her husband Bought for her, as many react

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Christmas is 4 months away but a lady received a
supreme 2023 Range Rover from her darling husband as a push gift after they welcomed their third child together.

Nizi Rozay, a new mom has received a supreme
2023 Range Rover machine from her husband as a push gift after they welcomed their third child together
The mother of three took to her Twitter page to
share jaw dropping images of the luxury car, which
have gone viral
Nizi Rozay revealed that her husband ordered the whip in January  2022 as she shares stunning images of the New luxurious whip
on social media, which has since then  gone viral.

She uploaded four eye catching and jaw dropping pictures of the whip with an exciting caption that read: “Finally got my push gift! Specially ordered it in January  and now it’s finally mine! The brand new 2023 Range Rover!”

People  reacting to the stunning photos of the new whip she shared on her Twitter page

ETHEREAL_AURA said: “Congrats baby! Is it a push gift for pregnancy? New
term to me.”

MISSNIZI  replies ETHEREAL_AURA   “Yep! My husband and I just had a new baby! We have 3 kids total now and the new baby was our last one so this gift was for the grand finale “push”.

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