Chicken Republic Under Fire On Twitter For Bad Chicken

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Chicken Republic Under Fire On Social Media For Bad Chicken

Chicken republic remains one of the most famous chicken bucket joints in Nigeria. So many people want to take their loved ones out to have a good time at the Chicken Republic. They are famous for their chicken bucket which has some good reviews, but right now people are crying out on social media for the bad service they’ve been getting at chicken republic.

Here are some posts from people on social media;

@Dr.Varies says

Nawa o, what is this from Chicken Republic. You know, it surprises me how a restaurant like @ChickenRepublic would offer a poo and call it Fried Rice.


@agbenu_obande says

Went to this chicken republic outlet in Abuja 

I bought doughnut and chicken pie from the pie Xpress stand.

The doughnut was so dry and now here is an unshredded piece of chicken in my pie.

I had a long day and said let me goan chill o and this is what I got 💔


@the_Lawrenz says

I am convinced that the major ingredients in Chicken Republic’s Fried Rice is Anger and Bitterness

So looking at these posts, I believe the chicken republic ought to get on social media and handle these problems and find a way to rescue their reputation before it gets out of hand. Although, it is Nigeria, and Nigerians show no mercy on twitter. Some of these claims might not even be true and if they were, the good reviews still out perform the bad.

If you’ve had any bad experiences at the Chicken Republic, please send them in the comment section. I believe if the Chicken Republic wants to rescue their reputation in the public, they will surely see it on this website.

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