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Exploring the Majestic Waterfalls of Nigeria

Awhum waterfall
Written by Robin Okwanma

Nigeria is endowed with a diverse landscape. From North to South, one would find regions ranging from arid desert fringes, through layers of savannah, forest, mangroves and lagoons. Ultimately, they empty out their tropical waters into the Atlantic Ocean. And amidst all these are found some stupendous wonders of Nature. The sparkling waterfalls of Nigeria are amongst them.

We will be highlighting just ten of the several beautiful and majestic waterfalls of Nigeria, nestled in rocks and forests across the nation’s landscape. They are the perfect getaway spots for Nature lovers, and those who intend to wind down and destress in calm environments.  

Erin Ijesha Waterfall

Erin Ijesha waterfall (also called Olumirin waterfall) is located in Osun state, south East Nigeria. The water falls from seven stages or layers of rock. The lowest two stages are where the waters appear to be pouring down from the rocks, as far as the eyes could easily see. There is also thick, lush vegetation surrounding it. But beyond these stages are located some extra five layers of rocky ascension where hikers are permitted to climb. 

It is claimed that the top of the mountainous climb leads to a village called Efon-Alaiye in nearby Ekiti State. Yet again, a myth surrounds the highest stage of the mountain behind the waterfall. It is purported that the water pours through a small pot from a small, still stream. You might want to confirm or refute the claim by climbing up the mountain – or at least to satisfy your curiosity. In any case, it is a soothing sight to behold. The water cascades with more force as you climb higher – forming pools at each level where visitors can dip themselves and cool down.  

There are now additional side attractions such as cozy chalets and receptions; along with a range of vendors. Additionally, transportation in and out of the location is quite easy. 

Awhum Waterfall

The Awhum Caves and waterfall are altogether an awe-inspiring spectacle. They are located in Amangwe village of Awhum town in Enugu State (southeast Nigeria). The waterfall itself pours down the midst of the huge cave. Its source is from a set of natural springs that flow through a curious rock formation. It is claimed that the waterfall originated from a natural disaster that occurred back in time. The waterfall and its surroundings typically produce an out-of-the-world feeling that is transforming. To further excite the imagination of visitors, there are local guides who volunteer to narrate ancient folklore and stories related to the sacred cave and waterfall.  

Besides this, the Ahwum cave and waterfall are held in high esteem within the Ahwum community. The location is said to be a sacred site; where certain ceremonies and rituals take place from time to time. Also located nearby is the Awhum Monastery. They are all encapsulated within the Awhum Nature Reserve

Farin Ruwa Waterfall

Located in Wamba local government area of Nasarawa state, Farin Ruwa means ‘White Waters’ in local language. It is widely claimed to be the most beautiful and unforgettable waterfall in Nigeria. The water cascades from an impressive 150 meters height atop the rocks to its base. The cool and clear waters are topped with clouds and produce a deeply soothing effect on the viewer. It is surrounded by a forest reserve, and is a superb destination for tourists, bird watchers, and hikers. However, accessing the site is not particularly easy (as it is claimed there is almost no distinct pathway to it). The roads leading to the place are rugged; and visitors may have to reach the place by foot. It takes no less than 2 hours to reach the waterfall from Lafia, the capital town of Nasarawa state. Visitors are also advised to bring along their own food and other supplies (as there are few or no facilities there).

Matsirga Waterfalls 

Mastirga waterfalls (or Madakiya waterfalls) easily beckons visitors to its breathtaking abode on Madakiya road, Kafanchan area of Kaduna state. It is rather easy to access it from the road. The location is found in a small settlement named Batadon in Advwan District, Fantswan chiefdom in Kafanchan.

The water is claimed to pour forth from springs that take their source from four natural funnels located in the Kagoro Hills. The cliff top is roughly 30 meters high above level ground, from where the water falls into a deep gorge surrounded by rocks. The locals often refer to the stream which is at its source as ‘River Wonderful’. 

Owu Waterfall

Yet another striking natural wonder, the Owu waterfall is claimed to be the tallest waterfall not only in Nigeria, but across West Africa. It is located in Oke-Onigbin, Owu-Esin local government in Kwara state (southwest Nigeria). One of its breathtaking qualities is the way sounds from the waterfall are amplified by other surrounding noises – such as songs or loud screams. 

The waterfall towers above the surrounding pools on the ground at a height of 120 meters.  Thus making it to produce mist as it plunges into the pool. The entire area is nestled in dense vegetation and rocks. There are also strong viewing platforms provided for visitors to view the waterfall from different angles. The overall effect can be mesmerizing. 

However, it is not very easy to access, and it is suggested that visitors should go in groups to the location. Nevertheless, Owu waterfall can be easily reached from cities such as Offa and Ilorin in Kwara state. 

Gurara Waterfalls

The famous Gurara waterfall in Niger state is found on the road leading from Suleija to Minna. It takes its name from a village close to the nearby Gurara river, where it takes its source. The waterfall is fed from the river through a number of small streams that flow around rocks atop the cliff. Before converging. The waterfall tumbles down an impressive height of 30 meters from the top of the cliff into a huge pool below. The surroundings are a combination of lush vegetation, a rocky landscape, and an abundance of wildlife. 

History has it that certain Europeans discovered the location and found it suitable for recreation and relaxation purposes on weekends. They subsequently chose to develop it into an excellent tourist resort. Thankfully, the site and access road are both well-developed today. The access road is tarred, with a mini bar and permanent pavilion situated at a well-placed spot on the site. Tourists are thus given a spectacular view of the breathtaking waterfall while relaxing all at once.  

Assop Waterfalls

The powerful plunge of the Assop waterfalls in Jos, Plateau state, is best viewed from a distance – at least a mile away. You cannot go too close to it. Nevertheless, it appears beautiful, as the water flows gracefully through the area from the base of the waterfall. 

The water takes its source from the Assop river, and tumbles into a shallow pool. The surrounding vegetation is that of grassland, which progresses naturally into the gallery forests far ahead. There are locals available to give you a guided tour of the vicinity, and it is quite easy to access. 

Ogbagada Waterfalls

The beautiful Ogbagada waterfall (or Ezeagu waterfall) in Enugu state (southeast Nigeria) is a renowned waterfall positioned in the Ezeagu Tourist Complex. The complex is located inside the town of Obinofia Ndiuno. The waterfall takes its source from the lower end of the Okpoku spring – a pair of cold and warm springs flowing from the nearby Ogbagada river. 

Its entire vicinity is pervaded with lush vegetation and rocks, with a soothing ambience. The Ogbalada river itself flows over and around the surrounding rocks in an alluring manner that captivates tourists and visitors.  

Agbokim Waterfall

Agbokim waterfalls is a group of majestic waterfalls with seven streams that pour into a huge lake on the banks of a river. It is a coveted tourist attraction located in Cross Rivers state and is one of the largest waterfalls in Nigeria. The waterfalls tumble down rocky cliffs, and are surrounded by dense vegetation, steep hills, and valleys. The site is often enveloped in a rainbow-like aura, and the place appears calm and refreshing. The riverbank is suitable for swimming and picnics. 

Karu Waterfalls

Karu Waterfalls in New Karu, Nasarawa state is a collection of four waterfalls tumbling down three layers of rocks. It is nestled in the midst of lush vegetation and cool mountainous surroundings. It is easily accessible from the FCT Abuja, the nation’s capital. It offers an unforgettable experience to eager hikers, sightseers and tourists alike. 


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