#LekkiMassacre still fake news: Lai Mohammed

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The minister of Information and culture, Lai Mohammed has disregarded all evidence and claims that there was no single case of fatality in the Lekki Tollgate incident on October 20.

In an attempt to push the social media censorship bill, the minister rejected high amounts of evidence provided by numerous sources. He claims the Lekki massacre was pushed on social media and there was no killing.

Mr. Mohammed said that social media regulation does not mean stifling the media. It does not mean shutting down the social media, it means responsive use of the social media.”

Lai Mohammed stated that “Fake news can shake the world”. He stressed the fact that social media has to be regulated in Nigeria.

There has been high number of video recordings of the shootings. Families lost their loved ones and spoke up on it.

The reason Mr Mohammed believes the killings are not true still remain unclear.

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