Lionel Messi’s Tear/Snot-Stained Napkin on Sale For N522,000,000

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Lionel Messi The G.O.A.T broke down in tears during a press conference on 8 August as he confirmed his exit from his F.C Barcelona, his childhood club. The Greatest Of All Time could not hold back his tears before his opening speech. The 34-year-old striker could not come to his senses for a couple of minutes. While the football player tried to calm down, he blotted his eyes with a disposable napkin.

Messi spoke about the first emotions after the breakdown of the contract with Barcelona

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On August 10, Messi signed a two-year contract with PSG. The agreement includes the option to renew for one more season.

Messi is a graduate of Barcelona, ​​he has played for the main team since 2004. His contract with the Spanish club expired on 1 July. On August 5, the parties announced that, despite their mutual desire to continue cooperation, they would not be able to sign a new contract due to the rules of La Liga.


Fast forward to August 13th and Messi held his first training session at PSG

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In Barcelona, ​​Messi became a ten-time Spanish champion, seven times won the country’s Cup and eight – the Super Cup. Messi also won four Champions League victories with Barcelona, ​​won the UEFA Super Cup and the World Club Championship three times.

A napkin that was allegedly used by Lionel Messi during his farewell press conference in Barcelona last week has been put for sale for $1,000,000 (N522,000,000) on the Mercado Libre platform.

An anonymous vendor wrote that apart from his tears, the napkin has the remnants of the Argentine’s nose discharge on it, so someone can “clone Messi in the future,” they wrote.

​The advertisement has attracted enormous interest from football fans across the globe, while many people have started trolling the vendor – some have asked if they have a piece of toilet paper from the lavatory at PSG, where Messi now plies his trade.

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