BBN liquorose Breaks The Internet with Hot Bumbum pictures

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BBN Reality Tv star Roseline Adobe popularly known as Liquorose has once again broke the internet with her hot bikini bum bum showing pictures ,

in a picture posted few hours ago on her verified Instagram page,the reality tv star seems to be dong what we Nigerians call “Pepper them Geng”

but the body seems to be giving BBL or Some editing apps be doing their jobs


fans and well wishers  has taken to the street of Instagram to pour out their heart warm felt wishes considering the fact that the reality tv star didn’t warn them ahead before deciding to break the internet

some of her fans from her comment section ,has accused the Reality tv star of going under the kn!fe  and preaching to her to always love her body regardless of naysayers while some accused her of using editing apps to enhance her body and some accused her of being insecure about her body and the path to always seeking validation on the internet and of cause the Christian like followers aren’t left out as they give the reality tv star a run for her body

“you’re a woman learn to cover your body “ while some kept bashing her for exposing her body and wanting to seek validation .


what do you all think of these s#xy pictures of her ?

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