Papaya Ex Spends 50k for Data in 5 Days

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Popular influencer , Papaya ex laments on Twitter that she has spent 50k on data  in a week in 5 days to be precise.

On a tweet she took to her Twitter page she said; “I cant do those anymore I give up, 50k data in a week ? I miss days we use 1gb in a month ago lease what’s this day light robbery!”

She also went on to say “I use 10k every single day on day ,I use internet 24/7 ,how much so you expect me to use,2k? Please you all act ignorant  and blindly every time on that app, who’d rod nt know 100k is the new 10k, KMT Abeg”

Fans reacting to her tweets like chemical reactions says its possible for her to spend 50k every week on dat while some say they spend 1Million in data very month ,how much more papa ex ,some went on to say they will never believe the popular influencer owing to the fact that she lies a lot and has a bad record for telling lies in the past

One comment that caught the attention of the world was an over zealous fan who dropped a comment that looked both shady and complimentary,the fan said and I quote “if papaya Dey use 50k for data for one month  how much  people like Davido and Wizkid go they use for data everyday ? Shey Big paps come small ni abi whats all this lamba “

What do you all think ? You believe she spends 50,000 Miata everyday 5 days on data ?

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