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Steps Towards Leading a More Fulfilling Life in Nigeria

Leading a More Fulfilled Life
Written by Omolola Akinyemi

Leading a more fulfilled life in Nigeria, in spite of the economic and political atmosphere, goes beyond having a job. Or even setting up your own busuness venture. Even if you have a well-paid job, your job might deprive you of organizing and enjoying your personal life.  Many folks get so consumed pursuing business or career goals that they find it hard to effectively take control of their personal lives.


But remember that the critical reason for getting that job or business in place, is the yearning to improve your personal life. So you should not lose yourself while taking care of other people’s needs. You have to strike a balance between all the aspects of your life – both personal and professional. Also remember that your mental and physical health needs serious attention as well. 

So what steps can you take towards leading a more fulfilled life in Nigeria? We will be discussing just that in this article.

Know Yourself (and Be True to Yourself)

Learn to understand yourself, your true yearnings and needs. Identify your purpose in life, and the things you are passionate about. You must find fulfilment and self-satisfaction from within you. 

Again, learn more and more to stay true to your own nature and needs – not merely trying to please others. This act of itself can badly tamper with your happiness and inner peace. BE MORE OF YOUR AUTHENTIC YOURSELF, and know peace. 

Take Good Care of Yourself

You can only give what you have, and become what you invested in (in thoughts and actions). Thus our should invest in your all-round well-being. Research and find out ways to improve your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual health. And by all means put them to work. Be committed to taking good care of yourself. 

Choose Your Relationships Wisely – But It Still Begins With You 

Working on your character, helps you to have quality relationships with the people that add value to your life. And seek people that are like-minded, positive influencing on your life. People who encourage and challenge you to grow, and who can open uplifting doors for you. People you can lean on when you need support. 

While of course you need to avoid people who are unduly critical; or verbally, emotionally and/or physically abusive. Or anyone negatively impacting you in some way or another. Otherwise they will prevent you from growing or succeeding.

Practice Letting Go

As you pass through life, we all can be sure of having both good and bad experiences. One common hindrance in the path towards leading a more fulfilled life is holding on to the past. We often unconsciously cling to negative emotions due to past experiences. They end up affecting our attitudes and behaviors here and now. 

In each case, we have lessons to learn from unsavoury experiences (and otherwise). However, you have to be conscious of actually learning that lesson in order to improve your present or future life. Thereafter, YOU MUST LET GO OF THE PAST. 

Learn to Be Grateful

Be grateful for the things you already have. You can take it a step further by applying your faith. Pray to God Almighty; and give thanks to the Universe for what you have and where you are. 

Gratitude can open your eyes to see new possibilities. It can also open invisible doors for you to see and identify your next miracle. It can boost your morale, and improve your overall health inside and out. 

Additionally, gratitude makes you feel better about yourself and others. It can improve the quality of your relationships with others.

Do Not Allow Money to Be Your Primary Focus

Money is a human instrument for meeting needs. Money should serve you, and not you becoming a slave of money. Thus money should not be your primary motive for getting things done. 

Focus more on solving problems, and improving the quality of your life (as well as others around you). The money will eventually come as the reward for investing in yourself and others. 

If you focus on money alone, you will lose sight of other important things that will eventually produce that money you are seeking for. I repeat, LET MONEY SERVE YOU; don’t be a slave of money. 

Be Kind to Others

Kindness, they say, begets kindness. It may not accurately play out that way in all situations. But the good you do to others has a way of coming back to you. 

Virtually every single person has one challenge or another to deal with. And practically every individual seeks fulfilment and purpose in life, though in different ways. 

You can learn to at least show compassion to people around you. Especially those who genuinely need help – not ‘testers’ and ‘experimenters’ looking for a puppet. Be kind without becoming stupid or abnormally weak for others to abuse; take note of that. Use your discretion, and be alert all the same. 

Keep Learning 

Learning is a life-long mission. The more you learn, the better the quality of your life becomes – when you put your learning to work. 

Choose a Job You are Passionate About

You should choose the kind of job that brings out the best in you, that you are.passionate about. In times of stress or challenges, your passion for the job will keep you focused. 

You will not feel burnt out, bored or tired because the job does not make you happy. This is a critical step towards leading a more fulfilled life; you should not ignore it. 

Seek Help and Guidance from Experts and Mentors if Necessary

Sometimes you have a serious issue with an aspect of your life. Perhaps you cannot seem to break a negative pattern, behaviour or thinking. In such cases, you need to seek expert help from mental health experts and good counsellors. 

Do not be afraid to admit you need help to sort out your life. Oftentimes, this is where your true healing begins, thus helping you towards leading a more fulfilled life with determination. A mental health expert can help you to identify the root of your problems, and courageously deal with it. 



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