The Nigerian Police will not allow any other EndSars protest

Written by Robin
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On Friday November,  meeting in Abuja with commissioners of police, Adamu Mohammed the Inspector general of police stated that the force will never allow any other type of End Sars protest again.

The IGP said the force is prepared to handle anyone who tries to start or participate in another EndSars protest within the country.

As said by the Inspector General;

“The constitution does not accept violent protests. He advised people that are planning to come up with another protest, if they have planned it to be a violent one, they should have re-think, otherwise, we are prepared to face them.

“We will never allow this type of End SARS protests again. It was violent. Only Peaceful protest is allowed in our constitutions.

“When this process started peacefully, we provided security for them. We were moving with them to make sure they were not molested by any group of people and it was going on well until it turned violent.

“When it turned violent, they then attacked the people that were even giving them protection. So, we shall never allow any violent protest in this country again.

“We will protect this country from hoodlums. We’re to protect this country from violence, and we want every Nigerian to work with us.

“We have also made a lot of arrests of those people that escaped from prisons. Some were arrested in Kano and Kaduna,”



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