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Top 10 Highest Paying Art Courses in Nigeria

Highest paying Arts courses in Nigeria
Written by Omolola Akinyemi

Dear readers, please allow me to convince you. That if you are in any of the Arts professions in Nigeria, you will be decently (or even hugely) rewarded. So what are the highest paying Art courses in Nigeria? Just follow my train of thought. 

Imagine a world where every person is exactly like the other – no distinctions, no uniqueness. A boring planet where nothing is special or appealing. Choices would be few. People would not yearn to live in such a boring universe. That is why God created DIVERSITY – allowing individual humans and beings to develop innumerable creative forms of self expression. Creativity and diverse forms of self expression make life more beautiful, more enjoyable. This is the whole concept of the ARTS: innumerable creative forms of self expression.


Types/Classes of Arts

Thus we have four major groups of Arts. And amongst them are the highest paying art courses in Nigeria, which we shall soon see:

  • the Visual Arts (Drawing, Ceramics, Architecture, Cinematography/filmmaking, Photography, Painting, Sculpture)
  • the Performing Arts (dance, music, theatre/acting, and comedy). This is by far the class of highest paying arts courses in Nigeria. It comprises the entertainment industry, for which people are willing to pay huge sums.  
  • Literary Arts (fiction, drama, poetry, prose), and 
  • Applied Arts (graphic design in the forms of illustration, comics, calligraphy, arts and signs, computer graphics, industrial design, and all other forms of commercial art). This is another lucrative class of Arts.

There is no doubt that the Arts encompass everything beautiful and meaningful in our everyday life. So can you profit from the Arts? A capital YES, definitely. You only need to see how the performing artists and comedians in Nigeria are doing well for themselves. In the music, dance, acting, comedy, and advertising industries; and across all mass media and social media. Lots of them rake in millions of Naira from their performances and contracts. It only requires your determination and continuous self-development. 

But is it only the performing artists that are well paid? Let’s examine the top 10 highest paying Arts courses in Nigeria. Gone are the days when Arts graduates or students are considered to be aimless. 

Pay Attention – The Highest Paying Arts Courses in Nigeria


Many tertiary institutions treat Law as an independent faculty on its own. But the creation, interpretation and regulation of the laws governing the nation is a special skill. It may be considered an art. It involves oratory, convincing skills, fact finding, digging up history, and huge memorization skills. Lawyers comprise that important arm of government known as the Judiciary. As interpreters of the law, they are essential in enforcing law and order in every society. So lawyers are sought after and highly paid globally, including in Nigeria. 

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Linguistics: English & Other Foreign Languages

The study of languages, especially foreign languages will position you well as a translator or interpreter. You will be needed at diplomatic and international events; in the tourism industry; and in big organizations that are multilingual. Even broadcasting, book publishing, film industry, hospitality, and customer service roles may require linguists. Learning popular foreign languages such as English, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Portuguese, means you can easily communicate with speakers of these popular languages. This is no cheap skill; and it will be well compensated. 

Above all, the English language (being one of the most popular official languages on Earth today) earns great respect. Mastery of the English language is not easy, as it is a complex language. So graduates of the English language are in high demand in schools, broadcasting stations, and in many sectors of the Nigerian workforce. Linguistics is definitely amongst the highest paying Arts courses in Nigeria. 

Mass Communication

The field of mass communication deals with all forms of communication targeted at the masses (the larger society). These forms of communication include radio; television and satellite broadcasting; newspapers; magazines; internet & social media; advertising; studio production, and more. Even the equipment used for mass media needs people to be trained to use them. The importance of mass media in disseminating current information and news to the masses, makes this field very lucrative. 

Several broadcasters, journalists, reporters, sound and equipment engineers, cinematographers, and cameramen, turn out to be great influencers and celebrities. They are highly paid for being the voice of the nation.

Political Science

Political science is considered a social science and also strongly connected to the Arts. The University of Washington‘s political science department webpage describes political science as:

the theory and practice of government and politics at the local, state, national and international levels’.

Political scientists can work in any government office, and as advisers and aides to top government officers. Or may become lecturers in that field. Undoubtedly they are highly paid and valuable members of every government cabinet.

Theatre Arts

Theatre arts involve live performances on stage and/or electronic media by actors and actresses. They demonstrate the human experience in the society through acting. These actors/actresses are practically teachers and entertainers in action. There are also aspects of theatre arts that involve design, decorations, broadcasting, puppetry, makeup artistry, and more. 

This highly versatile field can have you working not just as an actor/actress. You can also specialize as a film producer, director, scriptwriter, dancer, choreographer, makeup artist, and more. You can work in broadcasting stations, advertising, film studios, music studios, and social media. I guarantee you that once you gain the requisite experience, you will be in hot demand and highly paid. 

International Relations

International relations deal with how one nation interacts with, and maintains a relationship with another, to establish peace and cordial business transactions. Graduates of this field are the ambassadors and diplomats of their nations. They represent the government of their country at international events and offices. They also help to resolve conflicts, protect their citizens, and promote trade with other nations. 

The job of an ambassador or diplomat is so important to the government they represent. This automatically means all of his/her needs are taken care of by the government to the last detail. He/she is definitely well paid. This unique set of government workers are found in embassies, ministries of foreign affairs, and global unions/organizations (such as WHO, OAU, etc). 


Psychology is another social science subject that is closely connected to the Arts. It is the study of the human (and animal) mind and behavior in relation to society. The knowledge of this course makes you as versatile as a graduate of languages (or any other social or art course). You can work in practically any organisation that requires the wise handling of human relations. That would include counselors, psychologists, public relations experts, and human resource specialists, amongst others. They are certainly highly paid.


According to the National Geographic website, archaeology is:

the study of the human past using (their) material remains’.

It is not a very common course in Nigerian universities, but is definitely available. Archaeologists usually work in museums and historical sites. They also work in engineering companies, government offices, universities, and other tertiary institutions. These are places where their knowledge of ancient history and artefacts, carbon dating, soils, and research may be needed. And yes, they are highly paid for their skills.


Music is a broad and interesting field of study where you learn everything about the rudiments of making high-quality music. You will discover that the most successful musicians on the Earth (past and present) actually went through a music school to hone their skills. The music industry is probably the biggest sector of the entertainment industry. In addition, everyone enjoys good music; and will willingly pay for it. It is a multi-million Dollar industry; and as such music is undoubtedly one of the highest paying Arts courses in Nigeria. 

So if you want to truly succeed as a music artist beyond the local scene, it is advisable to enrol in a school of music. Or otherwise recruit a music coach.


Criminology is the study of crime and criminal behaviour. At the moment, few institutes and higher institutions in Nigeria offer this course (though it is upcoming). As a criminologist, you have the advantage of working with security organizations and the armed forces. If you have this training, you will be certainly well paid. 




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