200+ Happy New Month Messages for Loved Ones

200+ Happy New Month Messages for Loved Ones
Written by Robin Okwanma

With every new month comes a special bouquet of blessings, surprises, renewed hopes and opportunities, at least so many folks believe strongly in them.God willing, we can pray and hope for the best as we step into a new month. What better way is there to show true affection to our friends, loved ones and colleagues than to send best wishes of a happy new month with a sweet message? Calendar months are not merely seen as a passage of time –  each new month marks another cycle of striving to achieve a better status in life than you ever had in previous months, an opportunity to start all over again and pick up the pieces.

We understand that you may need some inspiration here or idea there to send just that perfect message by email or text message or social media, whatever the means to your dearest mom, dad, kid, cousin, friend, lover, sibling or business chums.  So that settled, here is a collection of happy new month messages or ideas you can choose from and edit before sending them to your loved ones. If you don’t have money to give – well, at least give a prayer, blow a heart, wish someone dear to you well as they step into the new month. Happy reading!

200+ Happy New Month Messages for Loved Ones

  1. May this month bring you unending joy, happiness and divine favour. Happy new month my love.
  2. As we experience another new month, expect new dimensions of my unlimited love for you. Happy new month, my woman, my everything.
  3. Welcome to a brand new month, and keep marching forward with confidence. Happy new month.
  4. To the king/queen of my heart, the one true person who completes me, I say a happy new month to you.
  5. This month, may your destiny helpers locate you in a miraculous way. Happy new month to you.
  6. Love is the only reason why the world still goes on. I wish you all the love you can get this new month, my love.
  7. As a diamond reflects its glory from every side, so shall God shine his glory upon you on every side. Have a blessed month.
  8. As I look around me I said to myself, I will be ungrateful if I do not thank God for giving me such a wonderful partner like you. Grateful to you now and forever, and happy new month, dearest.
  9. I know all of God’s blessings are full packages, so be ready to receive in full all that belongs to you. Happy new month.
  10. I wish you all you wish yourself, but above all I wish you a wonderful month ahead. Happy New Month dear.
  11. May all your days in this new month be filled with God’s blessings. Happy new month brother.
  12. May all the forces of the universe agree to move you to the pinnacles of success and breakthrough this new month. Have a blessed and prosperous new month.
  13. Enter into your season of uncommon breakthroughs. Receive it with faith. Happy and blessed new month to you love.
  14. You are my inspiration, you are the reason for my motivation, and so you deserve all my attention in the new month and always. Happy new month baby.
  15. I pray this month brings great changes into your life. Changes that will be as good as you are. Happy new month to you friend.
  16. Only God truly understands when I say I am the luckiest person in the whole wide world, because God gave you to me not minding all my flaws. Happy new month to you, darling.
  17. This day, I send you the eagle of luck, to make you soar above all limitations. Happy new month.

  18. If I choose to count my blessings and name them one by one, how many uncountable times will I have to mention your name in between my words? Only you know what this means. Happy new month, beautiful.
  19. Here is an opportunity to do better than in the previous month. Wishing you a more fulfilling month ahead. Happy new month.
  20. The best moments of my life started when I met you. Since then every moment has been better than the best. Happy new month my love.
  21. I pray that this month, may God provide for all your needs according to his riches in glory. Happy new month dear.
  22. My heart overflows with what to say, all the ink in the world cannot express how I feel, but let me just say this straight to you. Welcome to the best month ever! I love you.
  23. Go, flourish in the midst of drought. Be renewed in this season and never run dry. Happy new month to you.
  24. I love you to the moon and back. Don’t doubt my sincerity. May our love wax stronger as we enter this new month. Happy new month my dearest.
  25. May your days be bright, your sleep be sweet, your health be full and your dreams come true. Happy new month to you.
  26. I pray and hope to make you smile forever, laugh forever, rejoice forever and be at peace forever. Wishing you a happy new month, dearest.
  27. I wish you a peaceful and glowing month ahead. Happy new month to you, beloved.
  28. I pray you will receive surprises, you will be elevated beyond your imagination, you will be blessed with favour everywhere you go, you will be successful in everything you do. Wishing you all these and more in the new month. Happy new month to you.
  29. May you find peace in all you do this month, and troubles never get to you this month. May you be endowed with joy forever. Happy new month, darling.
  30. Wake up and smell the roses. Show the world you are great like Moses! Happy new month friend.
  31. While composing this message I slept off and woke up still composing the message because you are just too awesome for words to describe you anymore. Happy new month, gorgeous.
  32. Thanks for being an amazing sister/brother and friend. Happy new month to you.
  33. May you be blessed with many positive ideas in this month. Happy new month pal.
  34. Our love is sweeter than sugar, stronger than rock, taller than the mountains, faster than light and deeper than the ocean. I am happy I found you. Happy new month to you, soulmate.
  35. May Heaven smile upon you, may the Earth give you its best, and may life give you the comfort you desire in this new month, beautiful. With lots of love, have a happy new month.
  36. God bless you first, bless me next and then bless our union. Happy new month to my exquisite jewel.
  37. Rise and shine, it’s your time to succeed in life. I pray and hope that you get back all the good things you lost in the previous months. Happy new month baby.
  38. Thinking about you has become my daily hobby that I so enjoy it; it is so soothing to my soul. Here’s wishing you a beautiful new month with a blessing from above.
  39. I hope and wish you enter this month with a renewed mind, body and soul; refreshed and ready to achieve more goals and dreams. Happy new month to you.
  40. My flaws never stopped God from bringing me to a flawless you, because you complete me in a way that goes beyond finding out. Happy New Month to my soulmate.
  41. Protocols will be broken on your behalf in this new month. Go and claim the miraculous. Happy new month.

  42. In this new month, you will not sweat to get anything you desire as I join my faith and love with yours. Happy new month to you my dearest.
  43. In this great month, your going out and your coming in is blessed, your handwork will prosper beyond your wildest imagination throughout all the days of this new month. I welcome you to a brand new month.
  44. I command that every good thing you call this month will come to you in obedience and nothing shall refuse your noble voice. Happy new month to you, beloved.
  45. I’m proud you and I are a family, you are a blessing sincerely. Happy new month!
  46. In this new month, your joy will be complete, victory will be yours, and each day bring you closer to fulfilling your destiny. Happy new month.
  47. Beloved, just accept that whichever direction you turn this month, favor, joy, peace, and success will be waiting for you. Happy new month.
  48. What is life to me, without a friend and sister like you? You are to me like an answer to a prayer. Be blessed evermore. Happy new month.
  49. May the good God right every wrong in your life, and make every crooked path straight for you. Happy new month darling.
  50. It is my greatest prayer that all your wishes shall be granted this new month, that you will have a million reasons to thank God for the good things He will bring your way. Happy new month, soulmate.
  51. Pick your broken wings, MEND AND FLY HIGHER in this new month. You can do it! Happy new month Love.
  52. Darling, as you go about your daily business throughout this month, I pray everything will be easy for you, no difficulty shall overcome you because you are more than a conqueror. Happy new month, love.
  53. Happy new month pal, the heavens have heard your prayers. Go and excel in all that you do.
  54. I remember you and I’m reminded of sweetness, like the sweetness of rich cake. From me to you, have a blessed new month.
  55. I pray that God will take away your worries, anxieties and failures from you this new month. Happy new month.
  56. Though some things may be left undone, and some words may be left unsaid; some feelings may be left unexpressed, but a person like you can never be forgotten. I wish you a happy New Month.
  57. Break forth to the left and right, till you will not have room enough to gather the rain of God’s mercy‼ This is your month! Happy new month.
  58. Cheers to you and yours this new month. That you make lemons into lemonade, sip it and chill comrade. It’s going to be a great month. Happy new month!
  59. Your season of triumphs just began – this new month. And I pray you will not miss it. Stay blessed and happy new month.
  60. Forget the ups and downs, the good and bad of previous months. Go forward and be your best. I wish you a happy new month.
  61. Wishes may not come true but as the sky stays blue, the Lord Almighty will be with you. Happy new month.
  62. My love, God will cause you to remember this month for good. Remain blessed, and have a glorious new month.
  63. In this new month, I pray you become a channel of blessings and a solution to men’s worries. Have a blessed new month.
  64. May this new month bring to you joy, gladness and laughter, more than you have ever had. Happy New Month to you darling.
  65. No downsizer will downsize you. And no predator will prey on you. Fly above all limits in this new season. Happy new month to you.
  66. In the place of struggles, God will make you to laugh! You will rejoice and be merry. Have a prosperous new month.
  67. In this new month, overtaking is allowed. May you step into the realm where exceeding help will overtake and envelop you! Happy new month.
  68. May your tomorrow be brighter than today. I pray your success in this new month will not be hidden. Happy new month.
  69. May God anoint you with the oil of favour as you step into this new month. Have a blessed new month.
  70. Beloved, you will find inspiration every where and love will never depart from your life. Happy new month.
  71. I pray your labours shall not be lost to another from this moment henceforth. That no one will take away what belongs to you. Have a happy new month.
  72. May the new month take us higher into a deeper love for one another. Happy new month, sweetheart.
  73. Happy new month champ, lose no opportunity to win and remember to keep winning.
  74. The fragrance of love and mercy, I pray, will ooze out of heaven into your very life in this great season. It is yours. Happy new month.
  75. You’re worth more than a thousand strangers, you are my precious one. I’m glad to have met you. Happy new month.
  76. All the days in this month will be filled with joy unspeakable, laughter unstoppable and peace immovable for you. Happy new month, honey.
  77. Smile and be blessed, it’s going to be a great month ahead. Happy new month love.
  78. May your rivers of help never run dry. Stay blessed and a happy new month to you.
  79. It is my prayer that this month will bring you closer to your dreams. Happy new month.
  80. May you overflow with abundant blessings in this great season. Have a happy new month
  81. In this new month your labour will bring you into fulfillment, and the works of your hands shall be blessed. Happy new month!
  82. Beloved, I pray that the impossible will answer to you as ‘I AM POSSIBLE’ in this great month. Have a prosperous new month.
  83. Those who mocked you will return to celebrate you, fella. Here’s wishing you a happy new month.
  84. Dearest, let nothing disturb you or frighten you. God alone is sufficient. May God fill your heart with joy and peace all the days of your life. Happy new month.
  85. Your life shall not lack grace and mercy in this new month. Happy new month blessed one.
  86. One privilege I have had is not just to live under the same roof with you, but to be born of the same womb as you. Happy new month.
  87. I hand over this month to you as a pot of luck. Please take it with love. Happy new month to you.
  88. May the blessing that will make you a generational blessing to others locate you in this new month, and you shall be celebrated. Happy new month.
  89. In this new month, may your Mondays be no mourn-days, your Tuesdays be no twisted-days, your Wednesdays be no wretched-days; your Thursdays be no tough-days and your Friday be no fright-days. That all your days this new month will bring you only good things.
  90. Start this month with great hope, and end this month with great praise. May you prosper! Happy new month.
  91. You are called to glory. You are loved. Stay blessed in this new month.
  92. May the lines fall on you in pleasant places in this great month. Receive it. Have a glorious new month.
  93. Shine brighter than the morning star in this new month. Happy new month beloved.
  94. Receive a net-breaking, boat-sinking, earth-shaking testimony this new month. Happy new month!
  95. May celebrations never end in your dwelling. Let nobody take your joy away. Happy new month.
  96. May your cup overflow with God’s blessings in this new month. Happy new month to you.
  97. Praying for you, that this new month will take you to the top and you will be untouchable to all. Have a blessed new month!
  98. The Lord is your rock and your strength. Remain unshakeable in this brand new month. Have a happy new month.
  99. Let me congratulate you officially as you step into a new month. May you be rewarded with excellence, new heights and prosperity. Happy new month.

  100. The shout of joy shall not cease in your household. Remain blessed. Happy new month.
  101. You made every day of the last month memorable for me, and I pray this month I get the chance to prove my love to you. Happy new month.
  102. As you journey through this month, you are not alone, sweetheart. I am right by your side and will always be with you even to the end of the earth. Happy new month to the prince of my heart.
  103. As the good Lord leads you through doors of favour in this month, no enemy will have access to it. Go and conquer your goals. Happy new month dear.
  104. I pray beloved, that in the same places where you were rejected, you will be called up for favour‼ Happy new month.
  105. Wear a beautiful smile, travel any mile, dance around on the tile and ring my dial because it’s a happy new month specially made for you.
  106. Watch out for the best! I pray you will celebrate this month. Happy and prosperous new month to you.
  107. As you go and come, may the protection and mercies of the Almighty overshadow you. Stay blessed and happy new month.
  108. You are next for a miracle this month. Receive it! Happy new month.
  109. I wish you health, and then wealth, and everything else to make you a happy family life. Happy new month.
  110. You will not be found missing amongst those testifying in this new month. May testimonies locate you speedily! Happy new month.
  111. You have entered this new month because you are loved by God and nothing can the enemy do about it. So, in this month excellence, prosperity, good tidings, and all-round profit shall follow you. Happy new month, dearest.
  112. You are full of talents my beloved. Face each day of this new month with confidence and courage. Happy new month darling.
  113. I pray the only tears you will shed this month will be tears of joy. Happy new month dear.
  114. May each day of this week be colourful like the rainbow. And the four weeks of this month bring you good tidings from the four corners of the Earth. Happy new month to you.
  115. May all the benefits in this new month be at your command. Happy new month, my superhero.
  116. Thanks to God we made it again sweetheart! It’s a brand new month with all the goodies from heaven above for me and you. You will be the first to open the goodies for this blessed month because you earned it. Happy new month to you.
  117. As God lives in heaven, you will never know shame or reproach. Receive everlasting joy. God bless you in this new month.
  118. I hope to build three houses for us. One for you, one for me and one for our love. Let them be as safe as Heaven. Happy new month, Beautiful.
  119. I have a gift for you: a brand new month served on plates of gold. Be indomitable! Happy new month love.
  120. May the next 30 days bring you unmatchable luck and success in all things. Happy new month to you.
  121. Great friend, look positively towards your future, be single-minded and do not waver. Happy new month.
  122. To say my adoration for you is matchless means it cannot be matched at all. Stay blessed and happy in this new month.
  123. Success becomes your crown, joy becomes your gown, and your haters shall get drowned in this new month darling. Have a sparkling new month ahead.
  124. I cherish and treasure every moment I share with you. They are golden to me. Happy new month sweetheart.
  125. I pray the Almighty gives you a blessing that is bigger than your faith in this new season! Happy new month to you.
  126. May goodness find you in the North, favor in the south, peace in the East and prosperity in the West. Happy new month to you.
  127. A new month with new challenges, hopes and goals …. and I pray you conquer your challenges and your goals be met. Wishing you a blessed new month.
  128. This is my humble way of wishing you the very best as we go into this month together. Happy new month to the one I cherish most.
  129. It’s a new dawn, love. I know the new week shall be decked with riches untold, and it’s going to be a blissful new month for you and me. Happy new month, my love.
  130. This is the month God has made, let’s rejoice and be glad in it. Happy new month, my love.
  131. Lots of love from me to you, keep you alive and be filled to the full. Happy blessed new month dear.
  132. Truly my life shines so bright, because you are the light of my life. Happy new month, my light and my love.
  133. May you have sunny days and calm nights ahead in this new season. Happy new month.
  134. I ask God to do what no man can do for you in this new month. Happy new month.
  135. New months are for new moves, go and be a better you! Happy new month.
  136. I pray you will never have a reason to be sorrowful this new month and forever. Happy new month dearest.
  137. I treasure every moment spent together with you. Happy new month darling!
  138. My treasure of inestimable worth, I am more than lucky to have you. Happy new month, golden one.
  139. I pray that every day of this new month will be better than the previous one for you, continue to shine brighter and brighter each passing day. Happy new month.
  140. May you experience God in new dimensions this month, and may He shower blessings upon you. Happy new month.
  141. Congratulations you made it! Welcome to another wonderful new month.
  142. I pray all that concerns you, I and our family is declared perfected this new month. Happy new month, Honey.
  143. May you meet the right people, in the right places and at the right times in this new month. Happy new month fella.
  144. I pray every closed door in your life will be opened and the Almighty will cause you to rejoice. Happy new month to you.
  145. May your helpers locate you without missing target. Happy new month to you.
  146. May our children surround our table, and joy, peace, and happiness never leave our home. This is my message to you in this glorious month. Happy new month darling.
  147. Listen to me. In every place where men have said there is casting down, may the grace of the Almighty lift you up and set you on high this month and always. Happy new month, dear.
  148. You will be valued like gold, shine like the sun, flow freely like a clear river. Remain blessed. Happy new month.
  149. Believe me when I say you are made for greatness. Never stop conceiving, never stop believing and you will never stop achieving. Happy new month, my love.
  150. In this new month, may you always be at war with your vices and at peace with your virtues, that you may become a better and more exceptional person. Happy New Month.
  151. I pray that God bless your soul, and that that blessing bear you bountiful increase in joy and mercy this month. Happy new month to you.
  152. Go forth and flourish like a palm tree beside living waters in this new month. May your supplies never run dry. Happy New Month.
  153. You are so amazing and you never stop amazing me. Happy new month to you. May God continue to bless you unending.
  154. Make each day of this new month count. That your good become better, and your better becomes best. Have a happy new month.
  155. I pray that you experience the good hand of God upon your life this month and always. Happy new month sweetie.
  156. Every day holds a testimony for me… and that’s YOU! Stay blessed by my side. Happy new month.
  157. My prayer for you is that progress will never be far from you, and march forward no matter what the obstacles. Happy new month.
  158. Be of good cheer. Your angels of luck must locate you in this new month! Happy new month.
  159. I will definitely give you surprises this month – just keep your fingers crossed. Blessings from above are all yours. Happy new month, my Love.
  160. May this month open up to you like fresh new wine, your life will not go stale. Have a blessed new month.
  161. May the fire of God’s protection surround you, and Angels guard you day and night. Happy new month wonderful.
  162. I make a toast to a fabulous month for you. Keep flying. Happy new month.
  163. Sicknesses shall be far away from you, may sound health and prosperity abide with you always. Happy new month, precious.
  164. Rule over today and be king of the future. Don’t let the past stop or shake you. Be blessed in this new month.
  165. May the sun give you light by day and the moon at night, always. Happy new month, my angel.
  166. This month, God will make everything work for you and make you to smile. Happy new month.
  167. It’s my prayer that you make every second, minute, day and week of this month count. Happy New Month to you, a friend indeed.
  168. May you experience the favour of God and men in this new month. Happy new month pal.
  169. I am strong because I have a special one like you to call a friend; who never gets tired of lending a helping hand whenever I need one. Best wishes as we step into this new month.
  170. Pack your bags. It’s about time we enter the next month. Happy, joyful new month to you and yours.
  171. Going through each day with you as a friend makes me truly a better person. And today, I pray that you have a blissful month ahead. Happy new month to you.
  172. Hello love. You are my lucky star. And as I have spoken to you today I know this month will be good. Happy new month!
  173. Everything about you endears me to you my love, now and always. Happy new month, my morning sun.
  174. I make a toast to a lovely friend, one whose heart feels my pains and joy. I pray our friendship gets stronger and healthier. Happy new month to you.
  175. This month, may credit bank alerts overflood your phone and nearly kill your battery. Happy new month fella!
  176. To a most noble friend. Your rare love and care I cannot compare to anything else in the world. Here is wishing you a happy and wonderful new month ahead.
  177. Let this new month give you that strength and courage to conquer negativity and convert them to positivity. Have a happy new month.
  178. You’re such a unique being, and knowing you is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. From the depth of my heart, I wish you a happy and prosperous new month ahead.
  179. I wish you a fabulous new month and new beginnings to you. Happy new month.
  180. Being alive today is a proof that there’s a whole lot for us to achieve in times to come. We must be strong and tough to accomplish all that which we desire. Happy new month to a wonderful friend.
  181. This is my prayer for you in this new month. That the mountain that stands proud before you will bow down to allow you safe passage in this new month. Be prosperous. Have a happy new month.
  182. In this new month, may your ear hear good news, your mouth speak testimonies, your eyes see goodness and your life experience breakthrough. Happy new month fella.
  183. May your days be brighter than the sun, and your nights be cooler than the autumn wind. This month shall be beautiful for you. Happy new month.
  184. You are an awesome, indescribable package of heavenly beauty. Continue to glow in all you. Happy new month to you Angel.
  185. You have made me feel complete. May God reward you with even more completeness in this new month, beloved one.
  186. My whole world would have been worthless without you. Thanks for adding meaning to my life, my love. Happy new month to you and God bless you.
  187. The Lord will give you rest from all mess. Happy new month!

  188. I wish more money to flood your bank account, more profit to your business, and excellence to visit you in all you do. Happy new month, sweetheart.
  189. I pray that God bless you, protect you, and keep you in good health so that you can witness many more new months! But first of all, enjoy this great month. Happy new month, my dear.
  190. May God hear you when you call, and may He provide for you when you are in need. Happy new month, beloved.
  191. May you reach the zenith of your life and access every good thing this month. Happy new month darling.
  192. Something more than gold, better than silver, rarer than diamond is in my life and and that’s you. Happy new month to you and God bless you tremendously.
  193. Receive clarity of vision and choose to walk in God’s direction in this new month. May God strengthen you. Have a happy new month.
  194. Hear me and believe, may kings honor you, princesses admire you and royalty envy you. Happy new month, beautiful one.
  195. On my way to this month, I met Peace, Happiness, Harmony, Love, Good Health and Joy. They needed a permanent home, so I gave them your address, and I hope they will arrive safely. Happy New Month.
  196. May your crown never get lost and your place never be taken by another. Happy new month to you wonderful. Wishing you many blessings all through this new month.
  197. May this month be beautiful for you like a garden of roses in full bloom. Happy new month.
  198. As the moon reflects the glory of the sun, may you reflect the glory of God in this exceptional month. Happy new month to you.
  199. Shed old burdens and wear a garment of great beginnings this new month. It’s an opportunity to rise again. Have a happy new month.
  200. With every new month comes the opportunity to start something new and fresh. So do your bit this new month and make the world a better place for you and yours. Happy new month!
  201. No obstacles will be able to stand on your way to success this new month, no stumbling block will hold you back this day and every other day of this new month. Happy new month beloved.
  202. As the month starts anew, reach the peak of greatness, every morning in the new month will give you access to the dew of heaven and you will be the first among your equals in all you do. Welcome to a new month of greatness.




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