Top 10 highest-paying jobs in the UK

Top 10 highest-paying jobs in the UK

You probably relocated to the UK and are currently looking for a well-paid job. Yes, you may have a degree in your educational discipline, but can getting a job in that discipline cover your expenses?

Well, fortunately, there are no mediocre jobs in the UK. Every UK job has the capacity to offset your bills. But you probably don’t just want to offset your bills; you also need to save from your salary.

The question you then ask is, “Are there higher-paying jobs in the UK? Well, there you are.

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the highest-paying jobs in the UK that you may want to consider. They might either be related to your field of discipline or be entirely different. The choice is yours to make.

Top 10 highest-paying jobs in the UK

Executive Vice President

This is one of the most senior officials in the company. They organize and coordinate the company’s financial activities. They are responsible for decision-making in the company, either day-to-day or long-term decisions.

They also appoint and monitor the activities of senior managers and heads of departments. They oversee both executive and non-executive roles in the company.

A degree in business-related subjects and at least 10 years of experience in senior management are the basic requirements to get employed for this position. You also need leadership skills to succeed in this role.

These people earn at least £1,725 weekly and £121,345 annually.

Chief Executive Officer

These officers oversee the day-to-day company operations. The COO is solely responsible for executing business strategies.

They form policies and operational teams to see to the execution of the necessary business strategy to achieve the company’s aim.

It would be great if you had a bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Business, at least a ten-years experience, a Lean or Six Sigma certifications to prove your expertise in this field.

This sector of the company is essential to achieve the company’s aim of existence. These officers are paid an average of £108,303 per year.

Aircraft Pilots and Engineers

Aircraft pilots and engineers are experts who shoulder the safety of flight passengers. This job demands a lot of skill and expertise.

With the high population of air transporters, just one error can put a lot of lives in danger. Thankfully, the aeronautical systems in the UK are well-developed, so your job is to take the necessary safety precautions and make sure every part of the aircraft is in order.

Aeronautical engineers perform a routine inspection of the aircraft to detect any anomalies. The pilots are updated on the current navigation skills to ensure the safety of passengers in their care.

A flight engineer candidate must have strong leadership abilities, emotional stamina, and, most importantly, a Bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical Engineering. The same is true for pilots, except that they must first complete pilot training and obtain a pilot’s license.

You are paid an average of £1,491 or £1,960 weekly. This is a huge amount of money and a reason why this job is very competitive.

Marketing and Sales Directors

Every company’s desire is to topple the other subordinate companies. This is the work of the Marketing and Sales Directors.

These individuals come up with a lot of marketing strategies to step up the company’s game. Their professionalism and capacity help achieve the aim of their company, which is to make a profit.

They communicate target market feedback to the execution or production team in order to make necessary corrections. This is a very competitive job because every company wants to maximize profits, so they hire the best.

To qualify for this job, you ought to have a bachelor’s degree in marketing or some other business-related subject. If you don’t have the required degree, your level of experience and results can also attest to your professionalism. These directors are paid £1,397 weekly.

Legal Professionals

With the rate of illegalities in the world today, the need for legal professionals is on the increase. The good thing about the legal profession is that you have various job opportunities.

From Family Lawyers, Career Lawyers, Corporate Lawyers, Criminal Lawyers, Medical Lawyers, Solicitors, and so many others, the world of lawyers is a different one entirely.

To get a job in this profession, you need a degree in law and a higher law degree to give you an edge over the other applicants. Lawyers in the UK earn about £1,349.3 weekly.

Information Technology and Telecommunication Directors

From the way things are moving, those with the required technological skills have an edge above others. Some years back, this was not the case, but thankfully, times have changed.

Every professional setting needs a computer-literate person in their company, and this is a factor in employing job applicants. Information Technology and Telecommunications directors oversee the proper operation of the company’s computer system and provide assistance as needed.

Fortunately, you don’t require an academic degree in Computer Science; you just need a level of expertise and experience. Getting this job secures you around £1,380 weekly.


Almost every family in the UK owns a property and are potential real estate owner. Even companies aren’t left out as they also need these professionals to represent them. This has increased the demand for brokers.

A broker is a third party who acts as a go-between for two people or organizations who have a similar trading arrangement and charge clients commission fees for their services. Brokers earn up to £1,250 weekly.

You need to get a bachelor’s degree in business-related subjects to begin your stock market broking career.
Financial Managers and Directors
These individuals are given the responsibility of monitoring the company’s finances. They regularly conduct financial analysis to know and render financial advice to senior officials to increase the company’s profit.

Based on official estimates, a financial manager and director make about £1,247 per week. You do, however, need a degree in management-related subjects and the necessary experience.

Medical Practitioners

Everyone knows how important human health is these days. The UK provides the best medical system globally. This field of endeavour needs the necessary medical expertise to ensure the safety of human lives.

It’s a broad world with a lot of opportunities for medical graduates to practise and a rewarding salary for the stress it brings. You can either be a nurse, medical doctor, consultant, doctor for the aged, etc.

A medical practitioner is sure to earn about 1,220 euros weekly. This field requires at least a degree in medicine and some years of experience.

Advertising and Public Relations Directors

Advertising and public relations directors are those who oversee reaching the company’s target audience.

They present the company to the public and use various advertising mediums to project the company to their audience. You’re required to have a degree in advertising, marketing, or communications to get this job.

When you’re hired to play the advertising and public relations role in a company, you earn around £1,160 per week.


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