Trent Alexander-Arnold Biography and Net Worth

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The English and Liverpool young footballer, Trent John Alexander-Arnold, has an estimated net worth of €3 million ($3.6 million).


Trent Alexander-Arnold Biography and Net Worth


Full name

Trent John Alexander-Arnold

Date of Birth

October 7th, 1998






5 ft 9 (1.75 m)



Source of Wealth


Annual Income

 €2.5 Million (£2.2 Million)

Net Worth

€3 Million ($3.6 Million)

Last Updated

August 2022

Trent Alexander-Arnold Biography and Early Life

Trent John Alexander-Arnold, popularly known as Trent Alexander-Arnold, was born on the 7th of October, 1998.

Trent Alexander-Arnold was enrolled at St. Matthew’s Catholic Primary School and thereafter progressed to St Mary’s, in Crosby.

At age six, Trent Alexander-Arnold was privileged to attend Liverpool’s half-term camp for schoolchildren. It was in that camp that he drew the attention of Ian Barrigan, the then academy coach.

The academy coach appealed to his parents to allow him to join the academy club, which was later considered.

Trent Alexander-Arnold trained twice or thrice a week for different football positions like striker, midfielder, defense, etc.

This consistency led him to become the club’s captain, as appointed by the coach, Pepijn Lijnders, at the U16 and U18 level.

After a while, Trent Alexander-Arnold had to leave his current admission into St. Mary’s school and enrolled in Rainhill High School, the educational affiliate of the football club, at age 14.

Well, he’s currently 24. What happened 10 years after that? Read along


Trent Alexander-Arnold Career and Early Life

The Liverpool lad has had almost all his life around Liverpool. After enrolling in the educational affiliate of Liverpool FC, Trent Alexander-Arnold joined the youth academy of the club.

He spent and played football for about 12 years in the academy.

Liverpool FC, having seen his efficiency and training, promoted him to the senior team in 2016. Trent Alexander-Arnold has signed a 2.5 million euro deal with the Liverpool club.

Trent Alexander-Arnold set a personal best with 33 goals in the 2017-18 season despite being new to the senior team.

Trent Alexander-Arnold’s sprints helped him cover a lot of kilometers while on the pitch. He’s never tired but is so full of life and is an anchor for the Liverpool senior team.

Trent Alexander-Arnold’s influence is felt not only at his country’s club, Liverpool, but also for his country’s national team, “The Three Lions.”

Trent Alexander-Arnold’s training has made him among the best defenders in the world. This has also resulted in a number of achievements, like

  • UEFA Super Cup 2019 with his team.


  • Two-time Liverpool young player of the year


  • 2019 Ballon d’Or nominee


  • Best defensive player in the 2018-19 season


Trent is a youngster who has devoted himself to building a professional football career and isn’t losing focus on his goal.

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