10 Businesses You Can Start with 10k in Nigeria

10 Businesses You Can Start with 10k in Nigeria
Written by Robin Okwanma

Small businesses and their owners have been thriving in Nigeria for decades in spite of rising costs of production and raw materials, amongst other challenges. If you desire to start your own small business and fend for yourself as a student, or an individual not interested in full-time employment but needs money, there are a number of viable business ideas that you can actually start with ₦10,000 in Nigeria. And in time, with focus and determination, add a never-give-up attitude on top – your small business could expand significantly into an empire in less than two years. If you are short of business ideas you can pursue with just ₦10,000 in your hand, relax, we are here to guide you.

Below is a list of such businesses that in spite of the economic situation, they are doing quite well in the hands of their dedicated owners. So pick a pen and start taking down some notes to plan ahead:

Here are Top 10 Businesses You Can Start with 10k in Nigeria;

  • Event planning
  • Data reselling
  • Laundry business
  • Planting and selling vegetables
  • Second-hand clothes
  • Private tutor business
  • Popcorn production
  • Small chops
  • Newspaper vendor business
  • Freelance writing

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  1. Event Planning

An event planner is a person who plans and executes social and corporate events. He or she will arrange for suitable speakers, entertainers, venues, the materials, money and eventually the invitees needed to make an event a success. Obviously such as person must be good at networking with people, and be willing to go around to find out  necessary information and meet with the right people to get things done. It may require some effort and transportation money, which ₦10,000 can sort out fairly well at the onset. You may even venture to produce your own business cards to introduce your line of work to people as you meet with them. Eventually, the quality and success of your event planning will make your clients to bring even more customers to you.

  1. Data reselling

With just your phone, you can register to buy bulk SME data from online platforms or wholesalers (or even direct from mobile telecom operators such as MTN or Airtel) with that ₦10,000 for a start; and resell them to end-users by advertising your data reselling service to people. This is so commonly done on social media, custom apps, blogs and websites as we speak. With millions of people who need internet data on a daily basis for activities such as form filling, online registrations, examinations, attending courses, meetings, booking flights,  transport arrangements and so on, the list of potential customers is endless. Once you have proven yourself to deliver data on time and at reasonable cost to your customers, they will simply return for more – and bring even more buyers to you. Consistency is the name of the game.

  1. Laundry business

Oh yes, you certainly can help people do their laundry without even buying a washing machine. You only need to approach busy people, those whose daily hustle probably does not make it easy for them to do their own household laundry and ironing, and offer them your service. You can either do the washing and ironing right in their homesteads, you only bring along the materials such as soap, starch, bleach and electric iron. Or if your living environment gives you the space and opportunity (you don’t necessarily need to have a shop), go pick up their laundry to wash and iron neatly, then return everything to your customers for a fee. In time you can save up to buy a washing machine and even hire additional hands (and a shop) to expand your business.

  1. Planting and Selling Vegetables

Getting fresh vegetables in the city is not particularly as easy as you can find them in the rural areas, where quite a lot of people have their own farmlands. So for those who wish to rent land for planting vegetables in and around cities and suburbs, and even those who transport vegetables from rural areas and suburbs to the cities, it is quite lucrative. You can rent one acre (or two) of land by yourself, or as a group with some co-traders, certainly for a small amount of money probably on a monthly basis. With some money to buy seeds, manure, simple farm tools and get water; as well as carry your goods to retailers and consumers, that N10,000 can certainly cover the initial costs.

  1. Selling Second-hand Clothes

You should no longer be surprised by now that imported second-hand clothes, shoes and bags are heavily patronised in many places in Nigeria by all spectrums of people: the poor, the middle-class, the rich alike; workers and students, the old and young. This is because there is an amazing variety of colours, designs, sizes, and quality among imported second-hand clothing, bags and shoes – all offered at prices far cheaper than new ones. So if you are not the lazy type, you can arrange to buy one or more bales of second-hand clothes/shoes/bags, have them washed, sewn and even packaged neatly in transparent nylons if need be. Then carry your goods to sell or advertise in high-traffic areas like close to schools, workplaces, busy streets and markets (even on the internet!) and make a substantial profit from it.

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  1. Private Tutor Business

If you are well educated (at least up to full secondary level) and you love teaching students, then private coaching or tutoring is a sure bet for you. You only need money to transport yourself to the client’s house or to a tutorial center; or if you choose to offer online tutorials, you just need to buy data for your phone or laptop. This is especially good in areas where there are parents or students who value education and are in dire need of good coaches or tutors.

  1. Popcorn Production

Popcorn is such a popular snack, and is so easy to make and eat. There are numerous videos online that teach fast and easy ways to make popcorn at home with just vegetable oil, corn, sugar and salt. With a little money to buy these ingredients and some nylon, you can start producing popcorn at home. With time you can buy a popcorn machine and an umbrella; buy additional ingredients such as butter and milk; then partner with someone that can allow you to use some of their shop/selling space (whether free or paid) to display your popcorn in a busy environment where students and other persons will see it easily. All of these can still be done with an initial startup capital of ₦10,000.

  1. Small Chops

Small chops are fast becoming a popular side food that can be made and served at parties, meetings, offices and even schools. This is quite different from making of snacks. And yes, you can easily start and supply small chops to people with ₦10,000 or less.

  1. Newspaper Vendor

Do you know that in spite of more and more people getting their news from the internet, there are still many persons who enjoy the opportunity to meet and discuss juicy happenings with others at the traditional newspaper stalls around town? Newspapers are still very popular with a lot of people who love to take their time to read about current happenings (including politics and sports, oh yes!). What’s more, vendors have the opportunity to return unsold newspapers back to the publishers, so they are never at a loss. You only need to choose a strategic location where there is a lot of both human and vehicle traffic. You may sell at a spot with an umbrella, table and seat; or move with vehicles in traffic. Some offices (even media houses) also arrange with vendors to supply them newspapers regularly.

  1. Freelance Writing

If you have learnt (or have the skill) to write engaging, captivating content for different kinds of clients who may in turn use it to attract and keep customers, then you certainly don’t need so much money. You can work either physically or remotely with your employers full-time, part-time or on contract basis to generate content used for email marketing, blogs, websites, newsletters, product reviews, technical articles, learning materials and more. Your internet-enabled phone or laptop, electricity and some internet data is all you need money to get – once you can power up your device with electricity regularly, only internet data requires money from time to time. So ₦10,000 is good enough to start.


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