10 Jobs for 14-year-olds in the UK

10 Jobs 14-year olds in the UK

Most kids seek independence when they attain their teenage years. They love to have some extra cash at hand.

Some of our teens have career aspirations, and it isn’t bad to let them have a glimpse of what life after college looks like. If there are opportunities for them to start a job during the summer, give them the privilege to.

They need money to get new clothes, shoes, snacks, hangouts with friends, etc., and for the sake of independence, they need their own money.

With how legalised the UK is, one may ask, “Is it lawful for a child of 14 years to get a job?” Well, according to child labor laws, they can work only for some hours in a week and at a set time of the day.

It further establishes that children under 14 years can’t operate heavy machines, do strenuous jobs, lift heavy items, etc. as stated in the Fair Labour Standards Act.

You then wonder, are there jobs my 14-year-old can do to earn some Euros and cents? The amazing thing is that there are Read along to learn some of them.

10 Jobs for 14-year-olds in the UK

Web Designer

Average hourly wage: $18

Most kids are tech-savvy and know their way around a computer.

If you find out that your child has such an interest, it’s necessary to consider getting a web design job for your 14-year-old child.

Web design is important for companies and businesses as they need websites to get more sales and achieve their major aim, which is to make a profit.

Web designers act as an intermediary between their clients and the website world as they ensure the company’s website reflects what the company offers. Their services vary from front pages, online stores, app developments, coding, etc.

Your teen can sign up for some web design training online and then master the Knitty wit of web design. The good thing is that this job isn’t age restriction and can be done remotely.

Your teen can be a web designer and earn an average salary of €18.03 per hour.

Graphic Designer

In the world of design, some teens are pros and creative. The world of graphics is large enough to accommodate your teen.
Entry salary: $15 per hour.

If your 14-year-old child or ward has a graphic flair and can design fliers, logos, banners, and social and web content for an organization, why not consider getting this job for your child?

You can train your child and get the necessary software and digital drawing pads to become a professional designer. They are important in an organisation to manage the organisation’s branding and visuals.

Graphic designers are paid between €15.01 and €30.25 per hour.


Most moms in the UK are working-class ladies and may have an infant at home. They then employ the services of a babysitter.

This job is strenuous and time-consuming. This is why those who babysit are paid hugely. Parents seek caregivers who they can entrust their children with.

Your teen can take up this job in the summer season and earn some cool cash for themselves. If your teen meets the objective of being employed, he or she can be referred to other parents by their employers.

Some babysitters not only care for the children but also cook, feed, go on school runs, and clean the house.

The salary of a babysitter varies in each area, but they earn between €12.07 and €16.00 hourly.

Dog Walking

There are so many dog lovers in the country. Dogs need some level of walking exercise to keep fit. This is why dog walkers are in need.

A dog walker is entrusted with a dog and is expected to take at least an hour to walk with the dogs, either in twos or threes.

This helps to socialise their dogs with others. After a successful dog walk, the dog walkers ensure the dogs are taken safely to their cages. Your child can take up this job, ending up building a pet relationship and gaining more experience in coping with dogs.

Dog walkers earn close to €12.07 per hour, and that’s a rewarding sum for your teen.

A Golf Caddy

Your sporty teen who has an idea about golf can earn money from caddying. They are paid handsomely as they help golfers concentrate on their game.

Golf caddies also come up with important suggestions on the best clubs to play with. They clean balls and pins, manage scorecards, carry golfers’ bags, hold flags, and measure yards.

The timing for this job is perfect as it is done mainly in the evenings and at weekends. It pays you as well as keeps you fit. This job requires a lot of work hours, so prepare your child for the task they are signing up for. Caddies earn between €11.01 and €15.01 per hour.

Working at movie theatres or grocery stores

Your teen doesn’t need to engage in menial jobs to earn some cash. There are stress-free jobs available, like working in movie theatres or grocery stores.

They can check tickets, sell snacks, clean the rooms, etc., in movie theatres, and sell chains or jewellery, stock the shelves, or bag the groceries in grocery stores.

Thankfully, Fareway and Publix chains offer opportunities for these 14-year-olds. Grab an opportunity now for your child.

Pet Sitting

If your child is not so easy-going with kids, you may consider getting a pet-sitting job for your teen.

Almost every UK home has a pet and they are charged with the responsibility of taking care of them. Pet sitters watch and care for pets when their owners are away for a couple of weeks or months.

This is why pet sitters are in high demand and are paid handsomely for their services. You need a level of pet sitting experience to succeed in this job, and having a website is an added advantage as you can list your services for potential clients.

Seasonal Jobs

There are a lot of seasonal jobs, and such times are times when your kid can earn cool cash. For instance, during winter, your child can help remove the snow on the doors and cars of neighbours at an affordable rate.

During the summer season, they can help clean the pools in homes. They can also help some retail stores during festive seasons by helping with customer service. There’s some cool cash to earn from seasonal jobs.

Car Wash on the Go

Almost every family owns a car, and few have the time to take care of their vehicles, such as washing them.

Providing your child with a bucket, soap, water, and clothes is all that is needed to start a mobile car washing service. This job demands a lot of hard work and time management skills to meet the bookings.

If your child is interested in this job, he or she must have the necessary business drive to make the most of sales.

A Small Business Helper

Your child can work in a small business setting to offer some help to the owners. They help offer cents and euros to customers in rush hour.

They can either be a cashier, a cleaner, help in packaging, offer customer service, etc. Your teen gets a paycheck in return for their assistance. Hence, earning some extra cash during the holidays.

Just look around, and you’ll find a small business to secure a job for your teen.


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