10 Tips To Take Care Of Your Dog

10 Tips To Take Care Of Your Dog

Dogs are loyal to a fault. This is why when you properly train one, you’re sure to have a life companion. It takes a lot of time, money, and emotional investment. Here are tips to take care of your dog.


10 Tips To Take Care Of Your Dog

Homes with dogs are fun. The dog takes responsibility for securing the home and showers love and loyalty to every family member. Make sure you provide Its basic need, and you’re good to go.

Below are tips for taking good care of your dog to enjoy its loyalty.

Good nutrition and feeding schedule.

Every living thing needs food to survive, including your dog. This is the very most important tip in your dog pet journey. Providing them with food is proof that the dog is taken care of. Not just feeding, but giving them the right diet.

This way, you prevent the case of malnutrition and wrong nutrition. Adhere to the dietary recommendations by your Veterinarian. You can also research some nutritious dog feed and get them for your dog.

Don’t just feed them remains from home, but rather, find meat-listed foods as the major ingredient. This is rich in healthy protein, unlike grains or a meat by-product.

Don’t just introduce them to homemade meals. Seek the advice of a Vet Doctor and watch how your dog reacts to these meals.

There are general guidelines on the feeding schedule of dogs as they grow. Ages 8-10 weeks, should be fed 4 meals per day. Ages  3-6 months, 3 meals per day,  6 months to a year, 2 meals per day, and from 1 year upwards, 1 meal per day.

This can change depending on the breed of the dog, as some adult dogs are fed twice a day. Just make sure you adhere to any feeding schedule you choose.


Annual check-ups and vaccinations.

As humans, we are advised to regularly. It’s a double checkup, if you have a pet, say a dog. Your dog should go for checkups regularly in a sound veterinary centre.

This is because the outbreak of a disease would break down the dog completely.

These include checking their dental, updated vaccinations, and complete check-up. Also, there’s a need to vaccinate your dogs against rabies yearly or at 3 years intervals.

Deworm your pet and conduct an external parasite control on them. This helps ensure and protect its health against diseases.


Fresh and Clean water

Dehydration can lead to death if the right remedy for dehydration is in place. The remedy for dehydration is hydration. Optimum hydration is needed for good health and energy and not just accessing any water but fresh and clean water.

You can survive without food but can’t without water. This implies water is more important than food. That doesn’t mean its feeding gets neglected.

The water it drinks should be neat, clean, and possibly tested for impurities. Remember that treating a dog disease costs more than preventing it. So, make the right choice.


Good shelter and clean environment

Don’t be the type that puts your dog pet in a dirty and abandoned environment. Get a furnished room or home for your dog pet. Arrange the room in a way that you can be comfortable to stay if you wish to.

Ensure the rooms are clean and kept properly. This way you reduce the rate of microorganism breeds that’ll affect your dog.


Exercising and proper medication

Engage them in regular exercise so that they can be fit. If they’re fit can participate in easy and strenuous activities.

In cases when they can’t exercise due to health conditions, give them the necessary medications. From antibiotics to antifungals, to pain relievers, depending on their condition. These medications should be prescribed by your vet doctor.


Groom and train them to obey simple commands

As a child, you got the necessary training and still getting more to be where you are today. This is why training is important. Training shapes the character and behaviour of the party involved.

Train your dogs to obey simple commands. They need to be constantly watched and studied and be able to be called to order by you.

In case you have male and female dogs, their reproduction can be controlled. If you‘re not ready to breed puppies, spaying or neutering could be an option.

There are other measures to prevent mismating and you can be guided with the help of your veterinarian. This training also depends on the dog breed. Know your breed, and browse or get advice from a pet expert on how to train your dog pet.


Good Hygiene Habits

Hygiene is necessary for good health. Just as you need proper hygiene, so does your dog pet. Ensure its teeth are brushed daily. If you don’t know how to, you can seek help from your veterinarian.

Dental care prevents the risk of gum disease and may lead to severe complications. These gums can get infected and lead to premature tooth loss and also infections in the major organs.

Don’t forget to trim their nails. This results in pains when it breaks, difficulty in walking, and breed of organisms, exposing them to sicknesses.


Possession of Tag names

Pet homes advise that pet owners should put tag names on their pets. This way you can claim ownership of the dogs when they get missing. You can in the tags, place your name, telephone number, and address.

Times when your dog leaves home, this can help bring them back.


Have a Veterinary doctor for your dog

There are so many rules guiding the ownership of pets in your locality. You can only know this by seeking the advice of a veterinarian. This way, you know the necessary license, vaccines, and drugs, in cases of illness.

You also know the right diet and meals to give your dog. Don’t be a self-medicated doctor to your dogs.


Spend more time with your dogs

Just as humans need companions, so does your dog. They love to be with their families and caretakers, a reason to spend time with your dogs.

Don’t just lock them in their pet house, set them free to roam the compound and relate with family members.

Let them get to know and understand you. This way, you get to know their needs at intervals and even know when they fall sick. You also get to stop bad behaviours in them.

In the end, know the breed of dog that interests you. Get the advice of your veterinarian to make the right choices. This way, you’re sure to have a wonderful dog pet experience.


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