100 Birthday Wishes for a Friend or Loved One

100 Birthday Wishes for a Friend or Loved One
Written by Robin Okwanma

Marking a friend’s birthday or that of a loved one by sending him or her a gift, a greeting card, a wish or prayer is a clear show of affection that goes a long way to strengthen your relationship with such person, and should not be taken for granted. Whether is going to be a loud party, a small celebration or just thanking God for the gift of life; that ultimate gift of a birthday wish or prayer can lighten up a dull day even in the absence of gifts.

That heaven sent prayer or wish can heal hearts, can give hope of better tomorrow, bring out a smile from nowhere, even keep you in blessed remembrance in that friend or loved one’s heart that will be reciprocated possibly in a bigger way later. Yes, it can go that far. Here we have a compilation of 100 nice birthday wishes and prayers you can edit and use to bless that loved one or friend by text message, or in a greeting card, social media post, a call and the like, that would make him or her feel great. You might even put the message in a fancy small letter under the pillow or on the dining table – in a book, even on an artwork! So let’s go.

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100 Amazing Birthday Wishes for a Friend or Loved One

  1. I hope your special day is as fabulous as you are! Wishing you so much love and a happy birthday.
  2. Congratulations, you have become a year wiser today. Happy birthday!
  3. A friend/beloved one such as you is as priceless as a rare diamond. Be stronger, wiser and know that I care for you on your special day. Happy birthday.
  4. Remember as you blow out each candle, that today marks one more year your humble presence has blessed the world. Happy birthday!
  5. Wow, another beautiful journey round the sun is here for you. Happy birthday!
  6. Babe, let’s leave the hustle till tomorrow. But today were going to eat, drink and be merry because it’s your birthday!
  7. On this sweet celebration and a gathering of your friends, here’s wishing you great happiness and joy that never ends. Happy birthday.
  8. Age after age, one cycle of the sun after another, remain blessed and renewed as you celebrate your special day. I wish you a happy birthday.
  9. Thinking of you always, and especially on this great day. I wish you a very happy birthday.
  10. Today we are celebrating a unique person, one in a million, a shining star. Happy birthday and best wishes to you.
  11. Looking at you, I now know that age is just a number! You are simply not growing old. Happy birthday!
  12. Hey pal/sweetie. Birthdays may not mean so much to you, but they mean the whole world to me especially because we’re celebrating a wonderful person like you. Happy birthday!
  13. On this happiest of days for you, I want to say I love you.
  14. Look at you, a rare gem, God’s special creature. Why would I not celebrate you? You deserve it. Have a happy birthday.
  15. I wish you another year filled with adventure. Wishing you a happy and fun-filled birthday.
  16. Happy birthday beloved. Your life is about to pick up speed and head straight into the sky. Have a blessed ride. Happy birthday.
  17. My sincere wish for you this special day. That whatever good thing you seek, may you find it; and whatever good thing you ask may you receive. Be blessed and have a happy birthday.
  18. As you celebrate your special day today, let the sky be your new beginning. Don’t stop until you succeed. Happy birthday and best wishes!
  19. Here’s my advice to you. That as each year passes by, learn to count your blessings, not your age. And count your great experiences and not your mistakes. I wish you a happy birthday, lovely!
  20. Great fathers/mothers deserve great birthdays, so I wish you a great birthday daddy/mommy!
  21. Happy birthday to the most important person in my life. Kisses and love!
  22. Take your day off, and put your feet up. Because you deserve it. Cheers to a great person and do have a lovely birthday.
  23. Happy birthday to an amazing and awesome person. Let nothing dull your shine!
  24. It’s a honour that the best guy/gal in this world is my sibling. Happy birthday.
  25. You bring warmth to my heart always when I see you. May your special day be filled with joy. Happy birthday.
  26. I blow you sweet kisses and good fortune on this your special day. Have a wonderful birthday.
  27. Birthdays are a fresh start and a new beginning. So move forward with confidence and courage. I wish you an amazing birthday and many blessed days ahead.
  28. It’s always your day in my book, but this day is special above all. You are loved. Happy birthday!
  29. Are we still counting candles? You are the fire itself! Happy birthday!
  30. May you have all the love your heart can truly hold, all the happiness this day can bring, and all the blessings your life can reveal. Happy birthday.
  31. Sweetest birthday wishes, friend. I’m eternally grateful for your love, friendship and guidance.
  32. Today marks a milestone in your life’s beautiful journey. May every step you take lead you evermore inti success. Happy birthday!
  33. Count not the candles, but the lights they give you. Count not the years gone, but the life you live. Wishing you wonderful times ahead as you celebrate your birthday.
  34. You deserve the best of everything – could be that’s why I’m in your life! Happy birthday dearest.
  35. To the sweetest berry in the bunch, I say a truly happy birthday!
  36. I pray that you achieve everything you ever dreamt of. May your future be bright and your days filled with good luck as you celebrate your birthday.
  37. Blood is thicker than water, but a birthday cake is sweeter than either! Happy happy birthday.
  38. Thank goodness my bestie is +1 today!
  39. Beloved, though some people get wiser with age and some get richer with age, but we all get older with age. And I wish you the best of the first two. Happy birthday!
  40. Know this as you celebrate today my precious, that I will treasure you until my heart stops beating. Have a happy birthday
  41. I feel shameless to say, happy birthday to my chum of life who makes me forget my age so easily‼
  42. I love you to the moon and back in this special day. Happy birthday darling.
  43. Work hard, play hard, and eat lots of cake. That’s the motto for your birthday and for life!
  44. Forget the past, because you can’t change it. Forget the future because you can’t predict it. And forget the present – I will get you one later. Happy birthday baby!
  45. What is life without a friend like you? Empty, and I dread it like the unseen. As you have been a light to me, may God light you up and enrich you on your special day. Happy birthday.
  46. Cheers to the birthday king/queen today! Have fun on your special day.
  47. To that one in a million, carved like a diamond, a priceless jewel. Best wishes to you on your special day.
  48. Thank you sunshine, for filling my life with happiness. Happy birthday and lots of love to a most wonderful person as you are.
  49. How did I end up with a friend like you? You are simply the best! Happy birthday to the world’s greatest.
  50. Happy birthday darling. Your strength and resilience is amazing, and thank you for inspiring me to become better. May this be your greatest year ever!
  51. My brother/sister from another mother, I appreciate you beyond measure. I wish you an exciting birthday and blessed days to come.
  52. The world lighted up and became a better place because you were born today. You are loved.
  53. I met you a few years and down the line, it’s like I have known you forever. Happy birthday and best wishes.
  54. Mama, may this birthday smile never cease from your face. And I pray that God grant you your heart’s desires today and forever.
  55. Beloved, you have been there for me through the good times and the bad. And so you deserve to be happy on your special day. Happy birthday and best wishes.
  56. A very sweet birthday to the one who always inspires and motivates me everyday. I love you.
  57. I woke up this morning and instantly thought of you. You deserve all the happiness in this world. Happy birthday!
  58. Beloved, you have been so committed, so passionate in all you do. I pray that your sacrifices will never go unrewarded. Have an amazing year and a blessed birthday.
  59. Hello baby. May God uphold you and never let you go. May God uplift you and never let you fall. Have a happy birthday.
  60. Here’s wishing you another year of sweet memories, laughter and playing around together. Happy birthday!
  61. You showed up uninvited in my life and helped to shape my world. Our bond is priceless. Happy birthday to you!
  62. I wish you endless celebrations in your journey through life. Never stop pushing. Enjoy your great day.
  63. I sincerely wish you the blessings of heaven, the fruitfulness of the Earth, and every good thing that you desire. Rejoice on your great day. Happy birthday.
  64. To a dear friend and brother/sister. May God bless you and the works of your hands. Best wishes on your birthday.
  65. Excel above your equals and be preserved in God’s very hands my sister. Happy beautiful birthday to you.
  66. Happy birthday to my dearest one. May God pamper you with his blessings in this new season. Best wishes.
  67. From the moment you open your eyes in the morning till you sleep at night, I wish you the greatest birthday celebration ever!
  68. I wish you on your great day today, many blessings now and in the days to come. Happy happy birthday.
  69. Here’s a blessing and a wish from your favorite friend and lifetime fan. That you will never lack the good things of life on this your special day and forever. Happy birthday mate.
  70. My heaven-sent helper, my sister like no other. May this day usher you into higher realms of good. Be blessed on your special day.
  71. Happy birthday to you beloved. May God send helpers to you and open doors of revelation to you.
  72. Birthdays come once a year, but best friends are once in a lifetime. I’m so happy to be called your friend.
  73. This is surely the best month of the year, you can’t tell me otherwise. Because it’s daddy’s birthday! Happy birthday dad, promising to always make you proud.
  74. Happy birthday dearest. May the Love of God continue to burn inside you, and that you never grow cold. Keep soaring.
  75. To the one who touches every life you enter with joy and happiness, may that same joy return to you tenfold. Happy birthday!
  76. Thanks pal, for always being by my side, and having my back. I would do the same for you today and always! Enjoy your special day.
  77. My joy knows no bounds as you celebrate your big day today dad/mom. May God continually bless your kind heart and protect you in all that you do.
  78. Happy birthday great one. You are a tool in God’s hands and he will not drop you by the way till he has made you. Cheers to your new age.
  79. You have proven time and again to be a man/woman of capacity, good character and integrity. Thank you for the privilege of our friendship. And remain blessed in your new age.
  80. It’s a pleasure to have grown up side by side with you. Cheers to many more birthdays together!
  81. Happy birthday to you, wonderful. May your silent prayers become public testimonies!
  82. I swear we need more than a day to celebrate the most special person on Earth!
  83. To a friend indeed: you have been the kindest friend with a good heart. Your freshness did not allow me to rot! Thank you for always being there for me. Remain blessed.
  84. You are one year stronger, younger and bolder. Right! Happy birthday friend.
  85. Happy birthday to my first love, the one who showed me that the world has many beautiful souls. May God bless you and keep you for my sake.
  86. It’s time to shout it on the rooftops and let’s go paint the town red. My bestie is celebrating his/her birthday!
  87. Happy birthday darling. May God bless your new age, and your labour of love continue to be celebrated in heaven and earth.
  88. Save that slice of cake for me! Happy birthday love.
  89. Happy birthday to a great brother/sister. I can’t find words to describe you but I have deep respect for you. May God grant you your deepest desires. Wishing you all the best.
  90. Happy wine and cake day, dear!
  91. Happy birthday precious. May your days be filled with the favour of God, the genuine gift of men, and lovely people. Cheers to greater days ahead.
  92. Are we too old for a present this year? NEVER! Happy birthday.
  93. Happy birthday love. God is definitely taking you places and your gift is making way for you. Shine on, you are blessed.
  94. On this day a king/queen was born.
  95. Happy birthday sister, your heart is as beautiful as your smile. May this new age of yours bring you your heart’s desires.
  96. Happy birthday to you darling. Age with grace like fine wine.
  97. Happy birthday beloved, may the heavens open up to outpour a blessing over you from this day henceforth. Have an amazing year!
  98. It’s a joy to celebrate you since day 1!
  99. Cheers to a great shepherd and father who has not failed me. May God honour you afresh and always on your great day. Happy birthday sir.
  100. Thank you for you, you are a sweet addition to my life. Happy birthday buddy.


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