5 Dangers To Avoid While In Campus

5 Dangers To Avoid While In Campus

You’re probably new to campus or even a returning student. This means you’re not in the care of your parents anymore and you’re prone to some risks in school.

You should be aware of these risks that happen on campus especially now there’s no one there to guide you.


5 Dangers To Avoid While In Campus

Institutions should also help and enlighten students every session about keeping safe from dangers. For instance, on US campuses, about 8 persons die yearly due to campus fires. Not to talk of the assaults that happen in so many instances.

From Burglary to sexual assault, to theft and so many others, are the dangers students are exposed to while on campus. This can turn a learning place into a place feared greatly.

In this article, we highlight some of these dangers and how to avoid them.


Fire Outbreak

This is the scariest risk to avoid and should be avoided. Give a limit to what can be plugged at each power outlet. The electronic gadget shouldn’t be plugged in all at once.

Avoid cooking when you’re drunk or even tired as this may give rise to the probability of fire hazards occurring. Monitor your cooking and don’t give room to burning either by leaving to watch Tv or even pressing your phone.

Although there may be cases of kitchen accidents, the smoke alarm should be properly installed so as to alert in cases of fire outbreaks. There should be a limit on possession of flammable stuff by a student.

Fire results to loss of valuables and may hurt someone in the process. This is why it should be avoided entirely.



Students are prone to sicknesses due to not taking proper care of themselves. This may be due to stress arising from school activities, exposure to germs, and lack of proper nutrition.

This sickness breaks you down, more especially when you’ve refused to treat it despite all the signs.

Some people would be sick and recover after some time without taking drugs. This is very dangerous as it weakens the White Blood Cells.

Another set is those who don’t feed well, either as a result of insufficient funds or eating unhealthy. In either of the cases, your body begins to lack the necessary vitamins and nutrients, hence, susceptible to diseases.

In order to prevent illness, avoid piling up school work. Get a schedule and prioritize your main reason for being in school. Don’t pile assignments, read ahead and come to class. This way, stress is reduced and illness prevented.

Have a proper hygienic pattern. Wash your hands regularly, wash your fruits and vegetables, and don’t share your personal belonging with people.

Don’t forget, no matter the little you have, try and make sure it’s nutritious and don’t spend on junk. This way, you’re off from getting sick regularly.

Anytime you get some signs of an illness, don’t wait to naturally recover, go get a drug and take the right dose. Also, avoid self-medication, you may not know what the issue is.


Burglary and Theft

Cases of burglary and theft are always on the increase as students give these thieves a chance to operate. Carelessness is predominant amongst students, hence making them open to theft.

Students on campuses are mainly clustered and they don’t get a chance to safeguard their valuables. Burglars just barge in and carry valuables which may be quite expensive.

This can be prevented anyways. Firstly, find a place to protect your valuables and don’t leave them open.

This way, no one knows what’s in your room and won’t care if they’re not aware. Don’t leave your windows open unguarded. These thieves could just put their hands and grab any accessible stuff through them.

Lock your doors when you leave even if it’s a stone throw from your room. This way you don’t fall victim to burglary.



Infections could occur either by airborne, sexual transmitted diseases, food, etc. People neglect this because the infection doesn’t show immediately.

An infectious disease outbreak can affect the academics of students. There should be a well-equipped laboratory for students to test for infections.

In case they have unprotected sex or are even harassed sexually, they should be free to conduct the necessary STI test.

For cases of airborne infections,  the school environment should be properly fumigated to avoid its spread.

Students should keep good hygiene to help keep them safe from these infections. Also, wash your fruits and vegetables and even cutlery to prevent the outbreak of food poisoning.


Laboratory and Workshop accidents

During practicals and workshops, there should be safety measures adhered to. This prevents the occurrence of accidents like chemical burns, inhalation of dust and noxious fumes and wounds from broken equipment.

Lab attendants should guide the students properly, and keep an inventory of equipment to know when they should be changed.

Students should wear protective equipment like lab coats and aprons, gloves, helmets, glasses, and ear protection to protect them from hazardous events.

There should be available emergency supplies like first aid kits to solve emergency accidents when they occur.


An added tip is that you shouldn’t walk alone to prevent cases of robbery and sexual harassment. Knowing and avoiding these dangers make your campus experience a fun one.


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