5 Ways Your Smartphone Can Badly Hurt You

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Written by Robin Okwanma

Smartphones are our day to day companions to some of us they are our best buddies, its a scary thing to think of our mobile phones scheming up ways to kill us right? You’re probably thinking, how could this tiny device possibly hurt someone? well, lets take a look at a couple of ways your phone could hurt you.

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1. Explosion

This is probably the first thing that came to your mind, the phone could indeed explode and by phone i mean the battery. All smartphones have a certain type of battery inside it. One of the most popular ones are Lithium-ion, Lithium Polymer, and NimH batteries. Under certain conditions these batteries could indeed explode.

“Let me tell you my battery explosion experience. One day, i picked up a swollen lithium battery from a very popular phone i prefer not to mention and this was years ago, i was still a kid so i took a sharp object and decided to poke it(i still have no idea why i did that) all it took was a single poke and instinctively i threw the battery out of my hands at inhuman speed just before it exploded and set part of our couch on fire. If i were just a tad bit slower or perhaps held it close to my face I’m sure this blog would definitely not exist by now. “

So you don’t ever want to experience this i presume, always dispose/recycle swollen batteries, don’t short circuit them or cause them to over heat and you’ll be fine.

2. Electrocution

This is actually the most popular way a smartphone could harm someone, there are many cases of mobile phones with metallic frames electrocuting people when a faulty charger is used, you can also get electrocuted by the chargers used or something far more silly like using the smartphone when connected to a charger in the bathtub or something similar . I guess it’s another point for the tiny killing machines in our pockets.

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3. Radiation Exposure

Well, I’m sure we’ve all heard things like, don’t sleep on your phone, you’ll get cancer!!. Although its not yet a proven a fact, studies have not yet debunked it, so it could actually be true.

4. Indoor/Outdoor Accidents

Do you know smartphones are responsible for a high number of accidents? From the girl that missed a step, fell of the stairs and broke her neck which eventually led to her death, to the guy that hit a bus filled with people with his car or was it the student who got hit by the truck while crossing the road doing you know what all because of one singular distraction, the despicable evil killer smartphone.

5. Fire Incidents

This is one of the most unexpected ways a phone could harm you and it is the deadliest. The scariest part is, this usually happens at night when you’re asleep and your phone is plugged for a long time. perhaps kept on your bed/pillow or an area where the tiniest spark or overheating could cause a fire outbreak and burn the house down.


Conclusion; All the cases mentioned above are highly unlikely to happen yet still, we should all be careful with the way we handle our mobile devices and accessories. They could indeed harm us if misused. We are not against smartphones, we love them and need them to make our lives easier but, remember! be careful!!.


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