Does religion cause more harm than good in Nigeria?

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Robin Okwanma
Written by Robin Okwanma
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Religion….The most difficult part about conveying such a topic to readers is, most readers will immediately point to bias or try to view the writer “picking a side”.

This is one of the most crucial and controversial discussion any scientist or religious individual could partake in. Why is it controversial? Keep reading then.

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First of all i would like to point out a few things;

  1. Religion as stated in this post is not just Christianity or Islam but is pointed at “religion” in general covering all forms. (Examples might be made using Christians or Muslims as they are more popular)
  2. In a discussion like this, it would be pointless making reference to the days of old religion just as everything else has evolved since then.
  3. No religious belief is being slammed or shamed, just the effects of their actions on others would be used as points.

That being said, lets proceed.

In our society today, the effect of religion on people cannot be overlooked. Undeniably it has done much good in terms of building good morals and upholding societal standards. But what happens when these morals are sort of “over pushed”?

In the past, religion was taken to the extremes and people were given the capital punishment for things others could simply not understand or tolerate. Take Galileo as an example.

But if we were to use the past as our point of view then yes, definitely religion causes more harm to society than good.

What about now? 

Now, and by now I mean today, the answer would be NO. RELIGION IS NOT THE PROBLEM. JUST PEOPLE.

Well, you might be asking, what about the religious people that do more despicable deeds than the worst of criminals? What about the terrorists that kill thousands in the name of religion?

My answer to that is, just as any belief, religion all comes down to those who believe in it. Because you were thought to “love your neighbor” doesn’t mean you actually obey what you are thought in the end. It doesn’t matter if you are religious or not, once you have made up your mind to do something, you’ll do it nonetheless.

Religion is truly not the problem, just the practitioners. Mankind is known for trying to turn things to suit their selfish needs. The way religion was practiced a hundred years ago is different from today. In a hundred years from now there will still be more tweaks.

Every religion can co-exist without having any negative effect on others.

Most examples set by people today are based on acts of misguided people under the guise of religion. You can ask any Christian or Muslim or any other “religious person” their take on non-religious people or armed robbers or “sinners” as you may call it. You’ll find out they all have different perspective and opinions.

Generalizing religion and assuming everyone has the same mindset on a certain point of view would be wrong.


A questionnaire was carried out on people from different religions these were their opinions;

  •  Religion provides insight to a lot of people, it is indeed a complex world and religion can provide a path to enlightenment. But when you impose your religion on individuals who are unwilling to accept your belief, the line has been crossed. Same way a non religious person should not force a religious person to drop his/her beliefs.
      • Religion is not the problem, Even without religion, society would still find other reasons to be at war with each other.
      • The religious leaders are the problem, bending and twisting doctrines to their own personal benefit.
      • Ignorance is the problem, not religion. Only an ignorant person would believe lies told to him.
      • Without religion our society would crumble to chaos.
      • There would always be beliefs, the  belief itself is harmless until it negatively affects someone else.

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What is your say on this topic? Has religion caused more harm than good in your society today?



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