How To Increase Your Sales Massively in Nigeria 2024

Written by Robin Okwanma

How do i increase my sales massively? That is probably the most asked question from every entrepreneur and business. Both giant conglomerates and SME’s, everyone keeps looking for more ways to increase their sales. More sales means more profit, more profit means more money, growth and ultimately, success.

There are many things to consider once you’ve asked yourself this question and take note, we as always are giving you our analysis from a Nigerian point of view. Every country has it’s own format for reaching out to new customers.

How To Increase Your Sales Massively in Nigeria 2023

Nigeria is a unique country with unique people as you already know. There are over 206million people in Nigeria, that’s a very high number and every entrepreneur wants a “cut” from this cake of potential customers. Here are the major things to consider when targeting a Nigerian audience in 2022.

  • What product are you selling?
  • What category of people are you aiming at?
  • Where are these said category of people?
  • The Competition War
  • Okay, Okay, let’s say you got an influx of a million new customers right now, The biggest question remains, Can you handle it?

What Product Are You Selling?

You want to increase your sales massively, but what exactly are you selling? Some people will tell you that you can sell anything if you apply the right process. This is true but very much arguable. You need a example don’t you? Okay, electronics are the most demanded products in Nigeria, we love our gadgets. Lets say you’re into car sales, that’s good, cars are in high demand but electric cars? Now that’ll be a hard thing to pitch to a Nigerian irrespective of their social status. If you’re a Nigerian reading this, you’d probably already know why. So in a nutshell, if you’re selling to a Nigerian audience, the product you’re selling matters because no matter how much you spend on promotions, some things won’t just sell.

What Category of People Are You Aiming At?

People usually ignore this question, they throw the ball up and hope the right person sees and catches it. You need to know and have a particular category of people you’re targeting, from age, gender, social status, single or married? The list is pretty long but there are major “must haves” your audience should possess. You need another example don’t you? That’s all right, i got you. Now let’s say you’re selling ladies fishnet , you are definitely not targeting secondary school students or older women. You’re looking for mostly young, single women.

Here’s another example, if you were to set up a banner for children’s books and school stuff, where would be the preferred location? beside a boarding school or beside a church? Think carefully, well if you chose the boarding school because students right?…..WRONG!!!! Remember, in this scenario, you’re not really advertising to the students, you’re mostly looking for the parents. So the church has that audience you’re looking for not the school.

Where Can you Find Your Target Category of People?

There’s this post i read once that Lamborghini does not advertise their cars on television because they believe people who can afford it aren’t stuck behind a TV screen. Where are they? Are they mostly online or offline? If they’re offline where should i set up banners or shop? If they’re online, what social media do they mostly nest?

These are funny but actually very important questions to ask yourself. If you do it wrongly, you end up not maximizing your generation of leads and sales.

The Competition War

The moment of truth has arrived, believe it or not, if you’re a start up company, competition can bring you to the spotlight or end your business completely. I know, I know, straight to the example;

If you started importing and selling cars you may have a serious amount of competition withing your target area and audience. If you don’t have anything whatsoever to bring to the table. Anything people will choose you for over your competition be it price, comfort, quality or more. You will probably never hit the lime light.

In business, competition is a constant, a constant pain in the hide. Everything you come up with to have an edge over your competitors, they will see it and try to counter by bringing something even better. This can be a good thing by the way, healthy competition can make your business grow. That being said, not all competition is healthy, some businesses will look for flaws and exploit it to bring your business down. Once the game starts being played dirty, it becomes unhealthy competition.

Can You Handle It?

The craziest thing about growing customers is that some businesses totally forget that they have to prepare for said growth. Relax, your example is coming up next. Lets say you get one million potential buyers over night…too much? Okay lets say a thousand new potential customers. It’s exactly what you’ve been looking for, but now you don’t even have the personnel or equipment to handle the influx of customers. If you’re not ready, you’ll just end up loosing precious new customers and all those promotions and hustle becomes for nothing. You must be ready at all times to handle an influx of customers, it is what you want right? Then be ready to handle it.


Nigeria has a huge audience of different kinds, classes and tastes, there are very few products or services that wont sell in Nigeria. To be frank there is much more to it all than what we’ve managed to highlight in our article above. Its not an easy thing to increase sales of any product or service you sell/render. But with the right processes applied and with the right planning, you will find your business growing in a very fast and steady pace. #How To Increase Your Sales Massively in Nigeria 2022


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