How the top failures in life have shaped you

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Written by Flora Ayoka


No one would want to fail in anything and while failure is difficult for anyone it does not mean there will be no success recorded in the present or in the future. There are some Top failures in life that would almost seem like all hope is lost. Looking at the lives of the most successful people around like Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg we do not see the years of struggle and failures, all we are able to see is their success today. This does not imply in any way that they do not still experience a form of failure in any way today. Success stories could be alluring as most people do not include their years of struggles and failures. The difference is grit and resilience and the ability to learn from past mistakes.

Failures have the ability to lead to success: It creates an avenue to rethink, recollect, and re-strategize. One way to look at failure is the ability it provides for scrutiny and examination. Examining what worked or did not work, why it worked or did not work and allows for a more critical and analytical look into the situation. We can look at some of the innovations of today, for instance, the first television came in Black and White, why this might not seem like a failure but it lacked the provision of videos in colour form and today there are televisions that offer HD views. Failing in life also gives a redirection to ways to reinvent oneself.

Failures provide room to grow grit and resilience: Failure can only be recorded if there is a goal in mind, otherwise there would be no wins or losses. Failure has the ability to keep one motivated and determined to achieve the goal in mind. Failure provides room to evaluate oneself and determine where the next step should begin, and what needs to be corrected or improved so it is safe to say that failure is not an end to a cause. 

Failure is an opportunity to gain more insight into growth and progress: If failures allow for an examination then it also provides an opportunity to grow and progress. A knowledge of what did not work and why it did not work allows for a better innovative or creative way to approach it. This provides an avenue for constant training and revamping of skills and techniques.

How the top failures in life have changed you.

Imagine the Top failures you’ve had in life and in what way they affected your life.

Failures have the ability to change the course of someone’s life in a negative and positive way. A lot of world geniuses and businessmen have experienced a lot of setbacks and failures but their vision and their goal kept them moving. Most people are known to dwell on their failures and give up quite so easily while others are known to be resilient and open to growth. It is no secret that the ones who are open to growth and resilient in their approach end up achieving great success some of which we celebrate. This a clear example of the idea that Failure does not exist unless that individual quits and of course, quitters are not winners. In as much as failure is difficult and could be painful there are some better ways in which we can approach them:

  1. Take responsibility: This is not the time to do the blame game, take responsibility for the failure. This allows you to accept the situation and quickly examine what needs to be improved.
  2. Take it as a tool: There are no such things as a perfect person or a perfect technology or a perfect app. If there were, there would be no constant improvement in that area. View failure as a tool to achieve the goal because it allows for improvement.
  3. Create more SMART goals: Most times the problem could be coming from the set goal. Take a look at the goal, is it Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound? At times goals set are unbelievably unrealistic and could be the major cause of failure.
  4. Stay Committed: It is easy to lose interest when failure hits, for this reason, it is important to remain committed and focused on the goal. Sometimes a clear vision of the goal is the ingredient to being committed. 
  5. Keep moving till you win: Do not quit. Do not dwell on the failure rather keep pushing till the goal is achieved. 

Have you been the type to give up after experiencing a roadblock or a major setback/failure? What thing would you have done differently?


Success is a foundation of previous and many failures. Having a clear understanding of what success means could provide a clear view of what failure is. It is okay to pause, rethink and revamp after every failure. This could help with getting a better perspective and the next steps to take. The most important thing to keep in mind is to learn and grow from mistakes. 


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