How To Start Fish- Farming Business In Nigeria

How To Start Fish- Farming Business In Nigeria

Fish farming is one of the lucrative business to get involved in. The importance of fish this times can’t be overemphasized. From its nutritional benefits to its business benefit, you won’t want to be lost in this wave of business.

You however need the necessary information before delving into this business.


How To Start Fish- Farming Business In Nigeria

The times when fish was reared for just feeding are over. The times also when fish was just gotten from local rivers and ponds is over. This is because, the impact of technology in farming has produced modern methods of fish farming.

In this 21st century, commercial fish farming is a popular business that thrives this time. This sector of Agro business have had various involvement, especially in Nigeria. If large-scale can make you build the financial strides you desire.


Get The Right Training

Delving into a business without prior knowledge is risky. This training shouldn’t just be gotten shallowly, but indepth. Get attached to successful fish farms or even pay properly to train for a period of two to three months.

You shouldn’t just use your knowledge in this business as investments in fish farming are huge and loss can be acquired at any mistake. Learning they say never ends.


Plan your Business

Now you’re through with your training, it’s time to plan for your business. Training doesn’t certify your business plan. You need to sit and write a business plan.

Calculate the amount at hand, know if it’s enough or you should apply for a loan. Also, what are your goals at the end of each season and how do you plan on achieving them?

You should also plan on when and how you’ll like to register your business. Do you plan on being a sole proprietor, a partner, or even a corporation?

Proper management is needed after the business plan has been your business thrives. This is why you should plan before starting up your fish farm.

Choose The Right Fish For Your Business

Now, it’s time to make a choice of the kind of fish you’ll want to rear. A lot of fish are suitable for fish farming. It’s then the responsibility of the fish farmer to make a choice of which to delve into.

You also need to consider the specie of fish that survives in your weather. Some of the fishes which thrive in Nigeria include:

Cat Fish

This is the easiest and most commonest fish specie cultivated in Nigeria, although not so popular. Its popularity is due to its high demand for occasions and bars. You need to take proper care of your catfish to enjoy the massive returns it brings.

Some of its distinguishable features include, its accepted and cultivated anywhere, it can endure harsh climatic conditions. It can also be processed for domestic or commercial purposes.

Due to its ability to inhale atmospheric oxygen, it can survive in brackish or low oxygen water.


This is the second most famous fish in the fish-farming industry. It lives in fresh shallow water and is quite expensive. Most fish farmers cultivate this particular fish in Nigeria that reproduces and grows fast.

It has some wonderful adaptive features which are surviving in warm water and poor water quality, feeds on varieties natural food organisms, and feeds on a vegetarian diet.

Don’t forget that after choosing the fish you’ll like to cultivate, get fingerlings or juveniles from fish farmers that specializes in fingerlings. The farmers rears the fish from the egg stage to the larva stage to the fry stage to then the fingerling stage.

The fingerlings should be purchased from reliable and trusted fish farms. These fingerlings hatch into matured fish. Boom!, you have a fish farm already.


Good Location And A Constant Source Of Water

Having your farm in a good location really matters a lot. Don’t go set-up your farm where fish isn’t in much demand or appreciated.  After determining the type of fish you want to breed the next thing is secure a fish pond.

This can be setup any where as it doesn’t require any specifications before choosing a place to set up. It could be behind your compound, hired or purchased land. You can also seek the advise of an expert to help you set up your pond.

The pond could be an earthen, concrete, or plastic tank pond. To sustain this pond, you’ll require a steady source of clean water. Either a borehole, a water reservoir, an overhead tank to supply water, or any other sure source of water.

You need to connect this water sources to your ponds and the water should be changed constantly. If you don’t have a steady source of water, its best you make provision for it. Failure to have this results in a great loss.

Do not opt for rain water or chemically treated water because it’s not healthy for the fishes.


Get The Right Feed For Your Fish

Feeding is very necessary for survival of living being. You need to get nutritious and successful feed for your fish to get the best result. You can also add low animal by-products in their feed.

These feeds can be Natural (like bacteria, worms, insects, snails, aquatic plants, fish, etc are found in the pond.).

There are also supplementary feeds which are cheap. They include kitchen waste, agricultural by-products, etc. This is mainly used by most fish-farmers as its cheaper to get.

There’s the complete feed. This is a carefully selected feed produced by nutritionist. They are made up of good and important nutrients.

Go for the best feeds for your fish as this would aid your fish’s growth.



As you successfully rear your fishes, it’s necessary to adopt the right marketing strategy to sell your fishes.

Don’t just go through the stress of rearing your fishes without marketing them. The aim of every business is to make profit. Take samples to restaurants, supermarkets, etc. and convince them to buy.

The fish-farming is a lucrative business you should consider delving into. Make the best profit out of it.


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